Pillar of Silence

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Pillar of Silence
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Biographical information




Xivu Arath's Horde





Combat information




High Durability
Immunity Shield
Summon Hive
Summon Dread
VoidS.png Eye Blast
KineticS.png Ground Slam
Berserk Mode


Pillar of Silence is a Hive Ogre which ambushed Crow shortly after his arrival into the Pale Heart. It would later be encountered by the Guardian during their search for Ikora Rey.


The Pillar of Silence appears shortly after the Guardian discovers Ikora's crashed ship. It has an immunity shield and is aided by hordes of Husks. To deal damage to the Ogre, the Guardian must use the Aegis to pierce its shield. Once its shield is destroyed, it will summon fourth Acolytes, Weavers, and Attendants for assistance. Upon losing one third of its health, the Pillar of Silence will retreat, teleporting away from the battle.

The Guardian must then enter the Refraction and use motes of Light and Dark to activate the founts by defeating Eaters of Light and Darkness to bring fourth the Ogre. To retrieve motes of Light, they must slay the Eater's by using the Aegis and deposit the motes into the fount of Light. They must then slay Eater's by using their own weapons to obtain motes of motes of Darkness. Once both founts are activated, the Pillar of Silence will appear and the Guardian must use the Aegis to pierce its shield. When the Ogre loses two thirds of its health, it will teleport away once more. The Guardian must repeat these previous steps until the Ogre is slain.