J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor

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J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor
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Operation Thunderbolt (Twilight)
Deep Dive


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Xivu Arath

J4W-S, Wrath-Hunter Servitor is a massive Wrathborn Servitor that was found stalking the methane seas of Titan upon its return.


J4W-S was first encountered by Vanguard scout patrols employed in the explorations of Titan following its return to the Sol System. Identified initially as a houseless Servitor, it quickly displayed predatory behaviors that included setting up ambushes with Hive and Taken and stalking patrols through the methane seas with hit-and-run tactics. The Servitor was noted for its willingness to use its mass as a kinetic impactor and retained its telekinetic grasp ability, which it often used to drop victims into unreachable depths, with at least eight known casualties from its attacks. After identifying J4W-S' hunting grounds following an ambush of a fireteam that left one Guardian dead and their Ghost captured, a dive team and accompanying fireteams attempted to set up their own ambush of J4W-S. It fled under the crossfire of the attack and engaged in guerrilla attacks on the Guardians, forcing them to give up the assault. The Vanguard determined that it was not houseless but converted into a Wrathborn and set up radar buoys in the region to detect the Servitor's future ambushes.[1]

The Vanguard would later detect patches of submarine Egregore near J4W-S' hunting grounds, and launch an operation to harvest it. Coordinated by Saladin Forge, The Guardian and Sloane would take turns fighting the servitor while the other extractes the required minerals. Eventually, J4W-S realizes the trick and gives up its hunt for the Deputy Commander to grasp the Guardian into its hunting grounds in the Asphyxiator's Hollow. However, despite its ferocity and copious Fallen Wrathborn reinforcements, the Young Wolf would prove superior to the Wrath-Hunter, putting an end to its terror once and for all.[2]


The fight with J4W-S begins when the player enters its hunting grounds from an elevated area. The servitor will fire its beam in sweeping motions and occasionally open its chassis to unleash a burning Solar wave that can only be avoided by breaking line of sight. If a player moves close, J4W-S will not hesitate to blast the ground, creating a powerful shockwave that can throw one into the abyss or into a wall for massive damage. Upon losing some health, the Servitor will summon increasingly large and powerful waves of Fallen reinforcements, which will include Exploder Shanks, Resilient Tracer Shanks and Resolute Marauders as the battle goes on.

When J4W-S loses a third of its health, it will teleport away and use its Grasp to pull the player into a small arena with a column in the middle. Here, the Wrath-Hunter will teleport in protected by a swarm of Shield Servitors and unleash its arsenal for a few seconds before disappearing again. It will continue this behavior, preferring to appear directly over a player, until all its Shield Servitors are slain, at which point it will return to the main arena as fight as before.


  • J4W-S's name is a clear reference to the cult classic movie Jaws.
  • J4W-s uses the same model as The Mad Warden.