Inomina, Plague of the Well

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Inomina, Plague of the Well
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Blind Well


Void Eversion
Seeker Burst
Blight Shielding
Chimera Melee
High Durability
Summon Taken


Inomina, Plague of the Well is a Taken Chimera that appears during the Heroic phase of the Tier III Blind Well event.

It appears in the Week 3 event of the Blind Well and can be summoned with a Unstable Charge of Light.


To initiate the encounter with Inomnia, players must first deposit a Tier III charge into the Blind Well. They then need to defeat the three Hearld of the Plague bosses and deposit a Unstable Charge of Light into the Blind Well.

This will then trigger the Heroic encounter in which Inomia will spawn as the final boss with Taken reinforcements. Unlike other Plague of the Well bosses, Inomina is unique in its ability to generate a immunity shield by creating Blights. These Blight can be found at random point of the arena and need to be destroyed in order to damage the Taken.

The Chimera is highly durable and will blast players with its Void Eversion attack as it moves across the arena. Players are advised to tackle Inomina as a group with heavy weaponry and routinely destroy its Blight Shields to defeat the boss for good.


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