Nightmare of Cek'ik, Seeker of the Deep

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Nightmare of Cek'ik, Seeker of the Deep
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Solar Chieftain

Combat information


Patrol Derelict Leviathan


Scorn Cannon
Scorn Mine Launcher


Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Solar Ether Totem
Ultra Smash


Nightmare of Cek'ik, Seeker of the Deep is a powerful Nightmare of a Scorn Solar Chieftain and the result of three other Nightmare Chieftains merging together. It can be encountered aboard the Derelict Leviathan.[1]


The Nightmare of Cek'ik can spawn in either the Royal Pools or the Pleasure Gardens on the Derelict Leviathan. In order to summon it, you must kill all three of the Ultra Nightmare Chieftains that wander the area, including the Drowned, the Sunken and the Forgotten. When all three have been eliminated, a message will pop up, saying "The Nightmare Trinity merges into a Gestalt being", meaning that the Seeker of the Deep has arrived, accompanied by lesser Scorn Nightmares and you will only have a limited amount of time before they despawns. The Gestalt Chieftain can come wielding either a Cannon or a Mine Launcher, depending on whether it spawns at the Royal Pools or the Pleasure Gardens. Getting too close will cause it to stomp the ground, dealing large amounts of damage and launching you backwards. Nightmare of Cek'ik is highly resilient against all kinds of attacks. It is recommended that you pick up Unstable Essence that drop from killing the lesser enemies, which will give you a damage buff and allow you to wear the boss down much faster. If you manage to defeat the Gestalt Chieftain before it slips away, you will be awarded the 'Shared Fears' Triumph and you may claim your loot from the chest that spawns nearby.


  • The Nightmare of Cek'ik is the first—and so far only—Nightmare to be encountered that is a combination of other, lesser ones.

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