Balhoth, Keeper of Memory

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Balhoth, Keeper of Memory
Biographical information




Lucent Brood





Combat information


Altar of Reflection: Pact


SolarS.png Solar Mortar


VoidS.png Eye Blast
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
Summon Hive
High Durability
Rapid Movement
SolarS.png Melee
SolarS.png Burn
Berserk Mode


Balhoth, Keeper of Memory is a giant Hive Ogre of the Lucent Brood who's purpose is to guard Altar of Reflection. It appears at the end of the Altar of Reflection: Pact Mission as the final boss.[1]


The Ogre is encountered in the main hall of the Altar of Reflection after one has finished both of the puzzles in the first area. It is bolstered by a large horde of Lucent Hive Thrall and Acolytes, as well as a Lucent Archivist Wizard. Balhoth can deal rapid damage to the player with a constant, highly-accurate barrage of Void bolts from its eyes, forcing one to quickly move to cover to avoid death. It possesses the ability to create poisonous clouds around his enemies, potentially driving them out of an area and giving it chance to fire at them. The Ogre is also capable of throwing Solar Mortar grenades that explode when they hit the ground, leaving fields of flames in their wake. If the player gets too close, Balhoth can stomp the ground and create a large burning pool that deals a significant amount of damage.

However, the boss is lacking in defensive abilities and can do nothing to avoid attacks, making it quite easy to finish off in a quick manner. Hive reinforcements will come to back up the Ogre when it loses enough health. After sustaining a significant amount of damage, Balhoth will enter berserk mode and charge at the player, attempting to land a melee attack. Once the massive Ogre has finally been put down, along with any other enemies in the area, the player may enter the Altar room, where they can view a message from the deceased Witch Queen.



  • Balhoth's name could be derived from the 'Balchoth' – a clan of Easterlings mentioned in the appendices of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, who served under the dark lord, Sauron.