Ir Hanal, Scourge of the Dakaua

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Ir Hanal, Scourge of the Dakaua
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Operation: Diocles


VoidS.png Darkness Blast
SolarS.png Fireball
SolarS.png Fire Nova Gaze
SolarS.png Burning Effect
SolarS.png Ground Slam
High Durability
Immunity Shield


Ir Hanal, Scourge of the Dakaua is a poweful Wrathborn Wizard in the service of Xivu Arath. Alongside Ir Nithra, Scourge of the Ammonite, they were deployed to the Seraph Complex to take it over, but were defeated by The Guardian.[1]


Ir Hanal appears alongside Ir Nithra as the final bosses of the Operation: Diocles Mission. They can first be spotted lurking in the control room from the windows at the entrance. When the player enters the final room, the Wrathborn will engage them in battle. The Wizards will generally keep to the same sections of the room, with Ir Hanal staying closer to the console. Initially, they will bombard the player with quick traveling Void Darkness Blasts, attempting to overwhelm them alongside the large amount of Acolytes and the Revenant Shrieker posted in the area. If the player gets too close, they will blast the ground with Solar flame, creating a shockwave to push them back. A large amount of Hive Traps are also scattered across the room.

Once Ir Hanal loses a third of their health, they will summon a large amount of Revenant Cursed Thralls and activate one of the other Revenant Shriekers. Once they lose half their health, they will cover themselves with an Immunity Shield, and switch their attack with a slow-traveling explosive Solar fireball. They will also start using their Fire Nova Gaze, with will cover the whole room in a Solar explosion and can only be avoided by taking cover. The blast will be announced by a timer on screen. When both Wizards are in an immunity shield, the crystals around the room will become damageable, and destroying them will remove both bosses' shields. They will continue with the same tactics until they are both slain, ending the mission.



  • Based on their title, they may have been involved in the destruction of the Dakaua.
  • The Solar fireball attack is listed as "Hive Boomer" in Ir Hanal's killcam. This is most likely a Developer oversight.