Brig, House Salvation

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Brig, House Salvation
Screenshot taken by Unscathed
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House of Salvation

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Void Blast
Annihilation Blaster
Missile Strikes


Shield Generators
High Durability
Limited Flight
Summon Fallen


Brig, House Salvation is a unique class of war machines used by the Fallen House of Salvation. Unlike Insurrection Prime who is powered by a Servitor, the Salvation War Mechs have cores similar to Fallen Walkers.

They feature similar weaponry to Insurrection Prime apart from not having a Black Armory Arsenal. They can appear in different coloured variants such as white and blue and a blue fur Brig. During the Crux Convergence Public Events they possess Stasis Shielding.


A Fallen Brig is highly durable and requires the players to deal a huge amount of firepower to expose its haul. To counter this, the Brig will deploy Missile Strikes or Void Blasts to kill the Guardians. Once its engine core is exposed, players are able to deal significantly more damage. The Brig will then launch itself into flight and use its Annihilation Blaster to instantly kill the players. Once defeated the Brig will self destruct into a explosion.

There are two variants of Brigs. Those with right arm mounted cannons and those without. The one's without said cannons constantly have their retractable launchers deployed and almost exclusively attack via missile bombardments. These brigs also feature a different set of lights/sensors along their frontal plate with one large sensor and four smaller one's instead of six equally sized.



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