Brig, House Salvation

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Brig, House Salvation
Screenshot taken by Unscathed
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House of Salvation

Combat information


Annihilation Blaster
Missile Strikes
Arc Turrets


High Durability
Limited Flight
Summon Fallen


Brig, House Salvation is a Fallen Brig of the House of Salvation, encountered in the Empire Hunt: The Warrior. Where it served as the last line of defense before Phylaks, the Warrior.


The Brig, House Salvation is encountered as the last mini-boss before Phylaks, the Warrior. The Brig doesn’t have much unique abilities to be expected, excluding its large health thanks to it being a mini-boss. it will utilize its Missile Launcher and Arc Turrets for range to damage the player, it will summon Fallen backup to amplify its defense and offense, as well as initiating a Ground stomp to push back players in close range. Once it takes enough damage or its face plating destroyed, the Brig’s core will be exposed being its weak spot and will utilize its Annihilation Blaster to try to kill the Guardian quickly, rising up in the air with its jets and slowly but rapidly charging and blasting its cannon for a short time, going back down and resorting to its usual abilities before firing its Annihilation blaster again. It will continue until the player is able to hit enough damage for it to die or the Brig kills the Guardian first.


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