Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed

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Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed
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House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Dusk







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Skriviks, the Sharp-Eyed[2] is a Fallen Captain of the House of Dusk encountered in the Destiny 2 Story mission Spark.


Skriviks was a Baron of the Fallen House of Wolves who commanded a Ketch piloted by the High Servitor, Kaliks-12. She was present at the doomed Cybele Uprising of 65 Cybele, where Skolas, Wolf Kell desperately attempted to turn the tide of the Reef Wars. Skriviks was captured by the Awoken along with the other remaining Wolf nobles and cast into the Prison of Elders.[3] Notably, although Skriviks was presumably freed with her fellow nobles during the Wolves' later rebellion against the Awoken, she was never encountered during the Wolves' raids on Earth, the Moon, and Venus, and Petra Venj issued no bounty against her.

Skriviks' whereabouts remained unknown for over two years, until the advent of the Red War. She was encountered leading a band of House of Dusk scavengers in the European Dead Zone's Blackened Forest, near the Shard of the Traveler, accompanied by her lieutenants Tikkis, Diminished Scrapper and Maksor, Starving Scavenger.


  • Since Skriviks piloted a Ketch, it is likely she was a Baron.
  • The Wolves' Guard, who are similar to Kell's Guard and responsible for personally protecting Skolas, were also affiliated with Skriviks[4].
  • Skriviks is the first Ultra Baron to be encountered in Destiny 2.


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