Wolves' Guard

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Wolves' Guard
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Biographical information




Scorch Captain


House of Wolves




Elite Guardsmen


Patrol Venus
A Kell Rising
Wolves' Gambit
Echo Chamber

Combat information


Scorch Cannon


Arc Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Guard Cannon
Slashing Melee
Summon Fallen


"The Guards are handpicked from birth, stuffed full of Ether to make them strong and brainwashing to make them unthinkingly loyal to the Kell."
— WANTED: Wolves' Guard[1]

The Wolves' Guard are a group of Fallen Bodyguards that belong to the House of Wolves. House Guards are handpicked from birth, given an ample ration of ether, and brainwashed to the point that they become unthinkingly loyal to their House's Kell. Wolves' Guards are responsible for personally protecting Skolas, and are affiliated with Beltrik and Skriviks.[1]

During the Wolf Rebellion, a Guard hid themselves away in Campus 9 on Venus. They were killed by Guardians, under orders of the Queen's Wrath, Petra Venj.[2]

Known members[edit]


  • The Wolves' Guard are one of the two known type of bodyguards that are used to protect a Kell, the other was the Kell's Guard to the House of Winter.
  • As of The Taken King, the Wolves' Guard was removed from Patrol Venus, as well as all the other Wolf Pack bounty targets, except for the named boss above.

List of appearances[edit]

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