Demented Abomination

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Demented Abomination
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Last Call
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Demented Abominations are a powerful, Ultra variant of the Scorn Abomination.


A Demented Abomination is the final boss of the mission Last Call. The encounter will start when the player travels to the area known as the Hole, where the Demented Abomination is first seen pounding on a door. The Scorn enemy won't attack until shot at. The Abomination, as well as Scorn enemies, will come down on the player, so ads need to be cleared as soon as possible. There is also little cover, promoting cautious behavior. Killing this boss finishes the mission, and the player will then move on.[1]

Another is encountered in The Machinist, but the player has a Drake Tank at their disposal, which can quickly destroy the massive Abomination.[2]

Demented Abominations also appear in the Dreaming City, during the Rift Generator Public Event. Eventually, one will replace the Deranged Abominations, and charge the Generator from afar. While it is powerful, it will be no match for a team of Guardians, though it is recommended to kill it quickly, as it can inflict serious damage to the Generator. Once dead, it will leave an Arc charge that can be used to repair the Awoken machine.[3]

A Demented Abomination in purple armor is deployed by the Scorn that attempt to take over the Seraph Bunker on the Moon on behalf of The Witness and Xivu Arath, God of War. It appears in the final waves of Scorn that have to be repelled while the player's Ghost opens the deeper levels of the facility.[4]



  • The Demented Abomination is the first boss fight in the Forsaken Campaign as well as the first Abomination and Scorn Ultra.

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