Resonant Splinter

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Resonant Splinter seen in the Court of Savatun
Resonant Splinter seen on the Derelict Leviathan

Resonant Splinters are devices originating from the Pyramids and the Black Fleet. Their function is not wholly clear, but are employed by many forces that fight on their behalf.


There have been two types of Resonant Splinter encountered by the Guardians. The first type was found in Savathûn's Throne World, and seems to be some used as a kind of bomb, their explosions powerful enough to lead to them being referred to as "superweapons". They are frequently smuggled into the Throne World by the Scorn, who attempt to use it to destabilize the areas[1], or to assault The Wellspring[2]. A number of these Splinters were acquired by the Imperial Cabal, who reverse engineered them into devices capable of clearing the influence of the Darkness. They were field tested during an operation to clear a Taken infestation of the European Dead Zone's water reserves, where the Splinters showed the ability of clearing large concentrations of Blight. Reverse-engineered Splinters must be manually activated after reaching their destination.[3]

The second type was encountered on the Derelict Leviathan, where it would be used by the Vessels of Nightmares, and other powerful Nightmares, to protect themselves against the attacks of the Guardians seeking to harvest their energies to stop the plans of Emperor Calus. These are simpler items, similar in appearence to the Pyramid Spikes but larger at their middle point and with more moving parts[4].


The bomb version of the Resonant Splinter is used as part of the Resonant Destruction Public Event, in The Wellspring: Attack, and in the revamped version of the Lake of Shadows Strike. In all cases, standing near or on the Splinter will make it move forward, and defending it from enemy attacks until it reaches its destination is the main objective of the section. Once brought to its finishing spot, the Splinter will charge briefly before unleashing a powerful blast, killing all nearby foes, breaking open the Hive spells sealing the Wellspring, and dispelling large concentrations of Blight.

The spike version of the Splinter is used as part of the Nightmare Containment activity. The Nightmare Honor Guards of the first two tiers, as well as the tier three Nightmare of Elykris, the Machinist, use them to protect themselves at half and every third of their health respectively. Two must be destroyed in tier one, four in tier two, and five against Elykris to continue the fight. They can take some firepower to destroy, typically around a magazine of a primary weapon, or two shots from a Scythe Relic.


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