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"Light and Dark, forged together into a physical manifestation of terror. Go forth and be the reaper!"
Eris Morn

The Scythe is a Relic added in Season of the Haunted. It is used in both the Nightmare Containment and Sever activities. It can also be found throughout the Derelict Leviathan by killing Core Bearers and depositing their cores at Nightmare Harvesters. It would return as a manifestation of Solar power in Season of the Witch's Savathûn's Spire activity, as well as the Relic Crucible mode released with the same season.


As the Guardians followed Eris's instructions on how to contain the recent surge of Nightmares on the Derelict Leviathan and sever the connections Calus was seeking to forge with the Lunar Pyramid, they would conduct Nightmare Containment rituals that would draw out powerful Nightmares using the Nightmare Harvester to be imprisoned within the Crown of Sorrow. During each containment mission, a scythe would manifest, allowing the Guardians to be granted extra power needed to take down powerful nightmares and clear out Loyalist and Scorn forces trying to stop them.

In their studies of the Light, the Lucent Brood managed to manifests Scythes within Savathûn's Spire, which the Guardians turned against them.


The Scythe changes the wielder's perspective to third person and makes the wielder's abilities unusable. By using the "fire" button, the Scythe is slammed into the ground, and on impact creates three waves of Solar energy, similar to the Solar firing mode of Dead Messenger. Using the "melee" button causes the wielder to swing the Scythe in a wide, forward-facing curve, creating a spinning projectile that causes a small amount of splash damage on impact, and dealing melee damage if close enough to their target. When used in midair, the Scythe will launch a burning disc with a spinning swing and a higher cooldown, and will damage targets in the air if close enough. All the Solar attacks of the Scythe inflict Scorch, which can quickly accumulate to cause an Ignition. Defeating targets with the Scythe creates small orbs of healing that track to the wielder through the air, and each will also recharge a portion of the wielder's Super Energy if their Super is not already fully charged, similar to Orbs of Power.

The Scythe is used in the final battle of all Sever missions and in every stage of Nightmare Containment. Scythes in Sever spawn automatically throughout the final boss fight, but must be spawned by depositing Cores of Dread at the Nightmare Harvesters in Containment. In Nightmare Containment, a maximum of 4 Scythes can exist if they are not picked up.

The Scythe returns as a Relic in the "Lighthoarders" encounter of the Savathûn's Spire Activity. If the encounter is centered around Solar Light, three Scythes will manifest after Light is deposited in one of the plates. Players can use the weapons to mow down the swarming Hive and complete the encounter faster.

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