Crown of Sorrow

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The Crown of Sorrow
"Gahlran believed the Crown made the Hive his. Now he is [mine]."
The Witch, Insidious.

The Crown of Sorrow is a dangerous and powerful Hive artifact which connects its wearer's mind to those of all nearby Hive, along with granting them access to Hive magics.


As part of a trap set by Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, it came into the possession of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus. Suspecting that such a powerful artifact was a lure, Calus directed his Psions to examine it, finding the information stream sending data to the Ascendant realm. Despite the obvious ploy, Calus still desired to use the Crown to command and civilize the Hive and instead gifted it to one of his Shadows, Gahlran. Calus specifically bred Gahlran to wield the Crown's morbid powers to further his goals but in the end, the crown drove Gahlran completely mad. With the crown's power, Gahlran was able to summon an infestation of Hive within the Leviathan's vaults, working towards an unknown goal.

Shortly after his Hive Shadow's corruption, Calus called upon his Guardian champions, offering great riches as reward for putting Gahlran down and purging the Hive from his ship. Even with the Crown's formidable dark powers granted to Gahlran, the former Shadow was defeated after a prolonged struggle. The Crown of Sorrow managed to survive the battle but was rendered inert without someone to bear it.

The Cursed Ship[edit]

Following the disappearance of the Leviathan, Calus along with numerous advisors and a Guardian, sought to use the Crown to commune with the anomaly left behind the wake of Mars' disappearance. Utilizing Scorn captives on the Glykon Volatus, it would later be realized that Dark Ether held similar properties of the Crown's power, and would later find the perfect candidate to commune with it. However the experiment would turn against the Cabal as the Crown's power enforced large growths and a Scorn outbreak across the Glykon, leading to the deaths of the various Cabal and the Guardian on board.


  • The basic design of the Crown of Sorrow is vaguely similar to the headdresses of the Aztecs.
  • When Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer is killed, the Crown of Sorrow crashes on the ground and the player can crouch walk under it and see the Hive runes that Emperor Calus mentions in a lore tab that allow Savathûn, the Witch-Queen to control the wearer. Central among them is the insignia of Savathûn.[1]


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