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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Combat information

Councilors are a variant of Psion that appear in the Leviathan Raid.


They float in mid-air and are surrounded by a shield that blocks all projectiles, but can still be punched. They play an important role in the Leviathan raid, and besides the Pleasure Gardens, they are in every encounter in the Raid. In the Castellum, the Councilors will prevent you from getting a standard. Kill them to spawn the standard carrier. In the Gauntlet, the Councilors will appear after one of the two players jumps through your section of the Gauntlet. Simply punch it quickly and return to your original position or your team will die. Finally, in the Throne, they'll be in the Shadow Realm and in the Throne Room and must be killed or all of the players in the Shadow Realm will die. In the throne room you'll need to punch the correct one in order for the Shadow Realm players to survive but be careful. Punching a Councilor in this encounter will spawn extra adds but luckily, leaving a Councilor alive will not wipe the team in this fight.



  • Councilors were the first Psions to have a completely exposed head.
  • In Season of Dawn, The Red Legion have similar units to Councilors known as Psion Commanders. It's unknown if they have any relations to the Councilors.


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