Psion Commander

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Psion Commander
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Red Legion
Psion Conclave


Field Commander and Defense


The Sundial
Vox Obscura

Combat information


Block Data Plate
Concussive Blast
Psionic Shield
Shield Psion Flayer


Psion Commanders are Psionically adept field commanders seen coordinating the Red Legion in the fractured timelines created by The Sundial. Seen in the Datamine and Psion Flayer encounters, they were usually seen defending key assets such as Vex Sync Plates chocked full of data and the Psion Flayer Sisters. They later returned to shield high-value targets in the Exotic mission, Vox Obscura.


The Psion Commanders behave much like a Loyalist Councilor would, usually showing up for sabotage and protection of key personnel, both shielding these assets from assailing Guardians. Much like a Councilor, it is imperative these Psions are eliminated to progress. Their shield bubble makes them impervious to weaponry, so, they can only be killed by a melee. When they appeared in the Sundial, they would stop the progression of capturing a plate. After their death, the plate will be open for progression or the Flayer boss will be open for damage. Meanwhile, in Vox Obscura, Psion Commanders protect Psion Codewardens and the main boss, Qabix, Insurgent every third of his health that is lost. When they are killed, their shields will dissipate and will be killable or damaged respectively.

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