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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Shadow Councilor to the True Emperor


Councilor M

By the mind of Match, Shadow Councilor to the True Emperor. Upon the Leviathan, at rest in the place of endings. I thank my ancestors for the fullness of my cup; I thank my Emperor for granting me purpose.

Match is a Psion Councilor and close advisor to Emperor Calus. He accompanied the Emperor aboard the Leviathan during his exile, along with the rest of Calus' Loyalists.


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Following the Midnight Coup, Match and the rest of Emperor Calus's Loyalists were forced onto The Leviathan and exiled to the edge of the galaxy. As they passed through the edges of the Cabal Empire they were distraught to see the changes that Dominus Ghaul had made to it, ridding it of the foreign influences that Calus had introduced and its increasingly brutal militaristic style. Match was saddened by how the client races of the Cabal were being treated and mourned the great works of wonder that had been created under Calus's rule. He grew concerned by his Emperor's declining mood, as Calus had stopped raging against those who had betrayed him and now seemed to have little motivation to do anything. However, Match did not join his fellow councilors in seeking to uplift Calus's mood, as he was afraid the Emperor would see through him and learn that Match still worshiped the Chalice of Opulence and placed it before the Emperor in his benedictions.[1]

When they passed by a battle between one of Ghaul's fleets and Hive War moons in the void of space along the edge of the Empire, Match suggested to the War Councilors that they invite Calus to watch the battle in the hopes that seeing the Hive potentially defeated might raise his spirits. However, he soon realized he made a mistake, as watching Cabal die in a battle to create a buffer-zone in empty space against the Hive went against all that Calus had wished for his people. Additionally, Evocate-General Umun'arath's fleets were no longer those that Calus had crafted and been replaced by smaller ships designed only for close-quarters exchanges, further upsetting the Emperor. The deposed Emperor only came to join them due to the value of pretending to care, but Match saw that all this simply reminded him he had no power. Despite this, Match soon found himself engrossed in the battle as he and the other councilors felt Psions aboard the Cabal fleet working to hide traps and boarding parties from the Hive. He questioned one of the War Councilors about how to fight the Hive and win against them. She told him that the Hive were vulnerable and not invincible in the ordinary universe, but that they ultimately had no hope to defeat them and could only buy time for those Cabal alive now to live their lives.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

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Match held a low opinion of the Hive, believing they had no spirit and that their souls were emancipated by their allegiances and philosophy, with their worship of death being the only salvation they could find in their bleak existence.[2]

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