The Immortal

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The Immortal
Production information


Cabal Empire

Product line:

Cabal warship


Command ship

Technical specifications



Other system(s):

  • Shield generator
  • 2 Cabal pod launchers


  • Retractable deck turrets
  • Retractable gun batteries
  • Missile launchers




Command ship, warship


Red Legion

The Immortal
The Immortal Thumb.jpg


Above the Last City, Earth

Enemy factions:

Red Legion

Connecting areas:


Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



"Look at the size of that thing... It must be their Command ship!"
— Ghost

The Immortal is a massive Cabal warship that serves as Dominus Ghaul's personal flagship.


It is part of the Red Legion fleet that assaulted the Last City at the onset of the Red War. The Guardian boards it in order to disable the ship's shields and take out the Red Legion's leadership, but is overpowered and defeated by Ghaul after the Traveler's Light is sealed away. The Immortal serves as Ghaul's seat of power over the ruined city and it is where the Dominus spends most of his time during the Red Legions occupation. Once the cage around the Traveller is complete and both the Consul and the Speaker are killed Ghaul has the ship moved within touching distance of his prize so he may complete his mission. He in confronted once again by the Guardian and subsequently defeated first by the Guardian and then by the Traveller once he is resurrected by the light he stole.


The Immortal is a (possibly unique) variant of the Cabal Warship that serves as Dominus Ghaul's command ship and the assumed flagship of the Red Legion fleet. It presents a number of immediately noticeable differences: the central section, which is raised much higher than normal; the pod launchers housed inside the two prongs; the raised, retractable deck-mounted turrets and deployable gun bays on each flank; the six-engine layout instead of the usual four. It possesses missile launchers, like other warships, and a shield generator, which may not be standard. It is capable of attaching to the platform extension of the Cage device, channeling Light extracted by the Traveler Cage. Other ships similar to the Immortal appear in the fleet protecting the Almighty.

Fate after the Red War[edit]

Though there is no visual indication that the flagship was destroyed, it is alluded to that at some point the vessel was intact and was either commandeered by the city or crashed as a result of the Traveller's intervention. The evidence to this comes in the form of the Speaker's mask located in Zavala's office, this indicates that he or someone else went into the bowels of the ship to retrieve the item. What happened to the Immortal after is a mystery.



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