Shadow of Silence Suit

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Shadow of Silence Suit
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Shadow of Silence Suit






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Crown of Sorrow


The Shadow of Silence Suit was a Legendary Hunter armor set that could be acquired from the Crown of Sorrow Raid.

Shadow's Mask[edit]

Shadow’s Mask

"The athenaeum worlds lie before you. Everything from the Empire of old that was—and has been lost. You and I will rediscover them together. As true Cabal."
Emperor Calus


The Crown of Sorrow came from one of my Athenaeum worlds, a Hive repository.

It was one of you who helped me find it. One among your Hunter-tribe, of the Red War lineage. You may be younger than the Old Russians, but you have virility.

A whole network of library worlds just like that one has been lost to me and my Empire. It's been too long.

I'll call on you, one day, to help me reclaim them. Before the end comes.

—Emperor Calus

Shadow's Grips[edit]

Shadow’s Grips

"With my knowledge of the future and all that you've seen and done… The silence borne of it… What can stop us at the end of all things?"
— Emperor Calus


You've helped me free the Crown of Sorrow from Gahlran's poor, decayed mind.

My jowls are shivering, and though you are not here, I bellow for you.

Such is my adoration for your magnificent act.

But now to send the Psions into the depth of the Crown. Analyze it for additional traps.

You've worn Hive armor before. The hides of both the Taken King and his son.

Those did not whisper, did not sap your will.

This Crown was willing to share power, where the armor of the King left nothing real behind for you to take. Because the King takes.

The Crown of Sorrow is more charitable. Giving. TOO giving. Because what it gives is infection. Gahlran thought he could overcome it. You saw the result.

I thank you for freeing him. He's in a better place now. A place we're all going, when the black edge closes in on us.

—Emperor Calus

Shadow's Vest[edit]

Shadow’s Vest

"Nothing. Nothing can stop us. You and I shall take back the pillars of existence from the lost athenaeum worlds."
— Emperor Calus


Thorn. The Touch of Malice. Necrochasm. There are so many weapons in the arsenal of Light that deliver payloads full of Hive words.

I can see why you all accepted the peasant man with the singsong voice. Some of you wanted to be him all along.

Him, or someone worse. Even the legendary hero with the burning gun turned out to be a charlatan.

But you all lust after pretenders.

The Hive are pretenders. Their sword logic is not something they truly believe in, though they leverage its power from time to time. If they did, they would have killed themselves long ago at the sight of you.

Stick to the Light, little Light. It's what you're good at.

True darkness lies at the black edge. Where I was reborn.

It's coming.

—Emperor Calus

Shadow's Strides[edit]

Shadow’s Strides

"All that we've left in the athenaeum catalogs are suitable proxies for all the powers of this system. I've simply forgotten how to reach them. I'm not who I was. I need you."
— Emperor Calus


You are one of them, so you must know:

Whatever happened to that one of the Hunter-tribe who sought retribution on the Hive?

Does she not frequent your Hunter dens?

My scribes learned she was instrumental in the defeat of the Taken King, and before that, his son. By your hand.

Send her my way if you see her. Please.

I would so like to meet her.

—Emperor Calus

Penumbral Cloak[edit]

Penumbral Cloak

"When we find my lost worlds and open their knowledge to this system, the end will find us. At last—the right to be last." —Emperor Calus"



I activated the mechanism that opened my chamber doors. The massive gears on either side shrieked in protest as they ground against themselves to wrench the massive, solid-plasteel gates open. It took whole minutes to complete the sequence.

A tiny, tiny man sped through the now-gaping maw of the gates on a tiny Earth machine. It took him several minutes more to reach earshot of me, leaving a billowing trail of dust in his wake. I'm afraid my chamber had not been cleaned in some time. Cleanliness meant nothing to me now. I had not entertained an audience so directly in centuries. But I was as curious about this creature as it was of me.

The miniscule man dismounted his machine and stared up. I pictured I would relish the moment when his eyes went wide at the sight of my grandeur.

But he didn't seem to care. He frowned a little. Fascinating.

"Is that you?" he asked, voice echoing upwards at me. "The real you?"

"Yes," I replied, and the metal around me rattled and shook at my speech. It was the truth. "One of me. Refreshment?"

I activated a mechanism in the floor, raising a miniscule but ornate table out of the dusty metal deck. A single, equally tiny chalice, filled to the brim with royal nectar wine, sat on its center.

"No thanks," the man said. "Last time I drank an alien something, I had a gunfight with what came outta' me."

"What can Emperor Calus do for you?" I asked him.

I pretended to stare at him. In doing so, I analyzed every fiber of his being at a spectrum level. I had always expected he was a Guardian. But there was something else. A shade of something that reminded me of the black edge. So the tiny man liked to play outside the Light.

"I got somewhere to be, so I'll make this short. Where do you and I stand? I need these Guardians as much as you do. We gonna start fighting for territory soon?"

"The Shadows are mine," I boomed, pelting him with my voice. He winced. I wasn't angry. I didn't have it in me to be angry anymore. But he had to know.

"So that's a yes," he muttered, and flipped a jade coin into the air with a clink that echoed throughout the massive chamber.

"There isn't a sane being in this whole system," he grumbled up at the coin, then caught it.

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," I said. It was truth. Data from my spectral analysis of the peasant continued to pour in.

He stared at me. "You're crazy. Those Guardians you got working for you—they're crazy. The Vanguard's crazy."

He looked down at his coin. "I might be crazy."

He chuckled, suddenly. "I leave the system for a couple hundred years and everything goes to hell." He shook his head. "Look at you. The Cabal Emperor isn't even Cabal anymore. Right?"

"I am the last thing this system shall ever see," I replied. My scan was finished. And so was this man's welcome in my abode. I think he knew, because he turned to leave.

"You come after what's mine, and I've got friends in low places who'll tear your house down," he called back to me. I glimpsed his smile, and it was full of teeth.

I laughed as he sped away on his machine.

His friends were mine first.

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