Bladesmith's Memory Suit

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Bladesmith's Memory Suit


Bladesmith's Memory Suit





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Scourge of the Past


Bladesmith's Memory Suit is a Legendary armor set that can be acquired from the Scourge of the Past Raid.

Bladesmith's Memory Mask[edit]

"The Black Armory celebrates who we are. Who we all are. We design all of our gear after our traditions. They carry our legacy."
Y. Satou

Bladesmith's Memory Grips[edit]

"Tradition binds us. It keeps us in line. It is the foundation of family, and the Black Armory is a family."
— Y. Satou

Bladesmith's Memory Vest[edit]

"My mother always did her best to preserve our traditions, despite the world's best attempts to destroy them."
— Y. Satou

Bladesmith's Memory Strides[edit]

"Humanity deserves to be seen as they truly are. To not allow their heritage to be forgotten."
— Y. Satou

Bladesmith's Memory Cloak[edit]

"We hold onto traditions like memories. They define us. They remind us of those we've lost.""
— Y. Satou

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