Scourge of the Past

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Beneath the ruins of the Last City lies the Black Armory's most precious vault, now under siege by Siviks and his crew, the Kell's Scourge.


Last Wish



Scourge of the Past


Destiny 2



Recommended Light Level:



The Last City, Earth


Confront the Fallen war machine that has breached the Last City.

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Scourge of the Past is a Raid in Black Armory, set deep within an abandoned part of The Last City. It is the conclusion of the Black Armory storyline and features a series of climactic encounters against Kell's Scourge bosses, along with puzzles and obstacles.

The Raid takes place at night, as Guardians progress through the Kell's Scourge's territory, culminating in a climactic encounter against Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge in the dawn of morning.



The Holomap[edit]

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Ablazed Glory[edit]

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Insurrection Prime Phase 1[edit]

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Insurrection Prime Phase 2[edit]

The final encounter of the raid combines elements of the first and previous encounters. As soon as the Berserker in front of the starting point is killed and the Holomap is charged, Insurrection Prime will rise from the center.

Loadouts are role-specific. One player must be assigned as a map reader, and another as a sniper. The rest should be grabbing the charges, and one person should be designated to drive the Drake Tank. The Holomap reader should have be equipped with close to medium range weapons. Hand cannons, pulse rifles, and shotguns are highly recommended. A sniper should be equipped with pulse rifle and a kinetic or energy sniper rifle. Everyone else should have the same loadouts as the map reader, but mid to long range weapons are recommended due to the large size of the map. Regardless of roles, it's recommended that everyone come equipped with Whisper of the Worm for the DPS phase.

As with the first encounter, the Holomap reader will call out where the Berserkers are, while keeping an eye out for jamming Servitors. Unlike the first encounter, there is only one that drops two batteries. The four runners must head to the Berserker's location, clear the adds surrounding him, and provoke him into exposing his weak points. After the Berserker is killed, two players will take their batteries to one of the three generators on the map. The other two should get ready with the next Berserker and wait for the battery holders to charge the generators and regroup, and then repeat with the next two players.

The sniper should be focused on destroying Insurrection Prime's shield generators. There are six total, and they are located on its knees, its shoulder blades, and its shoulders. They must work with the map reader to destroy the generators using Whisper of the Worm. At the same time, once the runners kill a Berserker, a Vandal will spawn. The sniper must switch to their secondary sniper and kill them quickly.

Once four batteries are deposited, one person must head to the top of the map and summon a Drake. All other players must move to the Holomap and get ready. The driver must shoot Insurrection Prime with the cannon in order to stun it. Once this is done, its cockpit will open and expose the pilot inside. The tank driver should regroup with the rest of the group for the damage phase.

After the first part of the DPS phase, Insurrection Prime will emit a pulse that will give all players one of three charges; Angular, Continuous, or Parallel. No more than two players will be affected by the same buff. Two players affected by the same charge must stand next to each other to increase their damage output. However, if they stand next to a player with a different charge, the next time the boss emits a pulse, both players will die. The easiest way to get into formation is to form a V, with Angular on the left, Continuous on the bottom, and Parallel on the right. The boss will repeat this three times, so watch for your buffs and get ready to move. If the boss does not go down in this damage phase, the group has to start from the top.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • TBA

Unique Enemies[edit]


  • Scourge of the Past is the second Raid in Destiny history to feature the Fallen as the main enemy, the first being Wrath of the Machine.
  • The designer's sought to style the raid in the vein of Wrath of the Machine, with climatic, escalating encounters characterized by fast, chaotic gameplay.
  • This is the first raid in the Destiny series to take place within the Last City, and the second overall to take place on Earth.