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Kell's Scourge


Siviks, Lost to None


Ablazed Glory, Kell's Scourge
Zevious-3, Forge Warden


The Last City
Tangled Shore
European Dead Zone
Arcadian Valley

At war with:

Black Armory
The Reef
House of Spider
Cabal Deserters

Allied with:

House of Dusk
House of Salvation


Battle of the Forges
Scourge of the Past
Niobe Labs


"You… as bad as all Fallen! Worse, even! A friend even to humans… All must die!"
— Siviks to the Spider[1]

The Kell's Scourge was a crime syndicate of anarchist Fallen led by Siviks, Lost to None, the deranged brother of the Spider. They are hellbent on sowing chaos wherever they go and actively sought to use the technology of the Black Armory to gain power and control. They would later be subsumed into the ranks of the House of Salvation where some of their technology would be used.


Prior to the events of Forsaken, Siviks was captured and imprisoned by his brother. Over time the brothers drifted in ideology and eventually Sivik's trouble-making pushed The Spider to send him to the Prison of Elders. Eventually he would make his escape during the mass breakout of the prison and formed the Kell's Scourge as a rival syndicate to his brother's.[2][1]

In the intervening chaos, Siviks and his crew uncovered the lost Gofannon Forge on Nessus from the Exodus Black. The syndicate then began using this newfound technological might to upgrade their weaponry with ancient Black Armory technology.[3] First forming holdouts across the EDZ, the Scourge began smuggling their tainted Black Armory contraband to House of Dusk deserters whilst making a push into the Spider's territory as his competition.

When rumors began spreading in Guardian circles about Eliksni-manufactured Black Armory weaponry, Ada-1 immediately enlists The Guardian in recovering the technology. Suddenly taking notice of his growing competition in the Tangled Shore, The Spider had Guardians scavenge the local Fallen for information regarding Siviks' newly-discovered syndicate and tasks them to put his brother down.[4]

Siviks, Lost to None

Attempts at tracking Siviks and his tainted Black Armory caches across the European Dead Zone lead to a delivery note yielding the Scourge's hideout on Nessus. There the Guardians disrupted an exchange between Siviks and Telksis the Pillager. Killing the latter, the Guardians successfully recovered the caches and went on to secure the Gofannon Forge from a powerful High Servitor, Serekis-9.[3]

With huge portions of the Last City's Botza District in ruins and still recovering from the Red War, the Kell's Scourge infiltrated and located the Black Armory's lost Vault Ebisu. There they created their Prime Servitor, INSURRECTION PRIME, a gargantuan war mech utilizing the vault's stolen phase technology. In retaliation, Ada-1 and the Vanguard issued a six manned raid into the Botza District to secure the vault at all costs. Six guardians successfully, battled their way through Scourge territory and fought the syndicate's war mech guarding Vault Ebisu. Whilst Insurrection Prime was destroyed, it wasn't before the Kell's Scourge stole invaluable pages from the private log of the Armory's founder, Henriette Meyrin. Guardians were tasked to retrieve these documents from Fallen enemies and return them to Meyrin's heir, Ada-1.[5][6]

In a final bid to gain an edge over the Guardians and their competition, Siviks sought the secrets of Project Niobe, an initiative to develop and produce enhanced Black Armory prototypes. Following clues to its whereabouts in the stolen pages of Meyrin's journal, Siviks lead the Kell's Scourge to take over the restricted Niobe Labs, attaining control of its security protocols and the Bergusia Forge hidden within. Unfortunately, their victory was short-lived with the arrival of the Guardians. Thwarting their efforts to secure the forge, the Guardians fought their way into the labs and defeated the Scourge-controlled security, causing Siviks to retreat.[7]

Siviks was ultimately killed in a final standoff against The Guardian. The Niobe Lab's last remaining secrets and technology were reclaimed, leaving the Kell's Scourge leaderless and utterly crippled.[8][9]

A few years after their assault on the Last City and the death of their leader, remnants of the Kell's Scourge would pledge their allegiance to Eramis, Kell of Darkness and her House of Salvation. Using their technology, House Salvation were able to mass produce weaker versions of Insurrection Prime named Brigs. Larger variants were also constructed known as Commodores, despite their similar scale they still lacked the dangerous Black Armory technology Insurrection Prime wielded.[10]


Berserker, special units of the Kell Scourge

The Kell's Scourge is similar to the House of Spider despite their animosity, with both groups being criminal syndicates working for tyrannical leaders looking out for their own interests. Despite the hierarchical similarities, the Scourge have considerably more advanced technology, developing a new type of war machine, shields and weaponry with the Black Armory's ancient knowledge. With only a handful of Eliksni fully equipped with Black Armory-enhanced tech, the rank-and-file members are mostly House of Dusk deserters and Prison of Elders convicts who have rallied to their cause. The Syndicate, as observed by their servitors and likely a product of Siviks' cowardice and haste, exhibits patchwork designs with their servitors which is odd considering the Scourge's technological prowess - especially in that of Insurrection Prime.

One can easily draw comparisons to the Devil Splicers' ambition to harness Golden Age technology for their own nefarious purposes.



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  • The Kell's Scourge Syndicate is the fourth Fallen faction to appear in Destiny 2, the others before it being the House of Dusk, the Scorn, and the House of Spider respectively.
  • The organization is also the second crime syndicate to appear in the game.
  • When Shadowkeep launched, a Kell's Scourge Servitor could be found in the K1 Communion Lost sector. This was likely an oversight as it was later renamed.

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