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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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Lucent Hauler
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Treasure Hauler

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House of Dusk


The Lucent Hauler is a variant of the Treasure Hauler, utilized by the Fallen of the House of Dusk to carry remains of a Lucent Brood construct. It serves as part of the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome activity in Season of the Risen,[1] in which players utilize the Lucent Hauler to infiltrate the Lucent stronghold.[2]


The Lucent Hauler is encountered at the beginning of the activity, protected by a small crew of Fallen. It will initially glow orange, projecting a circle around it. Once the enemies are dealt with, standing in the circle will make the Hauler glow blue, and begin moving. If no players are near, or at specific points, the Hauler will stop and glow orange again. Once the entrance of the stronghold is reached, the Huauler will briefly charge up, before releasing all of its energy in a blast that disables it, alongside the barrier blocking the entrance.


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