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House of Spider


The Spider


Spider's Servitors


Spider's Safehouse (formerly)
Spider's Palace (formerly)
Eliksni Quarter

At war with:

The Reef
House of Dusk
Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation
Xivu Arath's Horde
Mindbent Hive
Cabal Deserters

Allied with:

Black Armory
The Reef (formerly)
House of Light


Hunt for the Scorn
Battle of the Forges
War of Salvation
Hunt for the Wrathborn
Season of Plunder
Operation Ahamkara


"The Kells are dead or mad. The era of Houses is over. So I came to the Shore."

The House of Spider[2] (also known as Spider's Crime Syndicate) is a Fallen criminal enterprise led by the Spider that formerly resided within the Tangled Shore, and is now based in the Last City. It previously allied with the Guardians to fight back against the Scorn and have now joined forces with the House of Light and the Vanguard against the forces of the Witness.



"You took my warm hospitality and stomped all over it like an ungrateful child. Is that any way to treat one of your dear 'brethren'?"
— The Spider to Siviks

The Spider began his so called "House" in the Tangled Shore shortly after leaving behind his Wolf-born House.[3] [4] Over time, he and his crew established an underground network of affiliates and associates that trade in all manner of valuble and somewhat illegal goods, including information at a price. The Drifter would even work with the Spider and his crew on occasion, to whom the latter is happy to supply equipment and fresh fodder in the aid of his scams.[5]

At some point, the mob had a major dispute whereby the Spider and his maniacal brother, Siviks disagreed over the former's affable relationship with Humans. This led to Siviks spitting at the face of the Spider as he was taken away to the Prison of Elders by the Spider's men.[6]

The Spider had also gain a trusted business associate in Ada-1 and the Black Armory, who sold her wares to him and his syndicate until their only forge was lost in the Red War.

The Spider's growing influence helped him control the Tangled Shore up until the Scorn began its civil war with the noble houses. Later the Spider made a deal with Queen Mara Sov to protect the Dreaming City in return for her overlooking his activities in the Shore.

Rise of the Scorn[edit]

The Spider, Leader of the Syndicate

"You go scratch your itch. Then we can just say... you owe me. Do we have a deal?"
— The Spider to The Guardian.

Forced into hiding by the Scorn after their escape from the Prison of Elders and left with little options, The Spider and his mob were forced to work alongside the Guardians to clear out the Scorn and their Barons from the Reef. At first, the Spider was reluctant in getting involved in a man-hunt for Uldren, but agree's to help in desire of reclaiming his former territory. Thus, the Spider offers the Guardian and Petra a deal: the Spider would give the Guardian all the intel they need to hunt the Barons and in return, the Guardians would hunt them down and accept any favor the Spider asks within the future. Despite the terms, the Guardian agrees. With the intel, the Guardians accept bounties from the Spider and begin to dismantle the Scorn's operations.

Hunting the Scorn[edit]

Spider's Associates

"Divide. Conquer. Isolate Uldren. He'll wind up at your feet. And all you have to do... is pull the trigger."
— The Spider.

Slowly but surely, the Guardian takes out the Scorn's forces bit-by-bit and soon discover each Baron had plans for when they would be done with the Reef. The Guardians succeed in killing Araskes, the Trickster, Yaviks, the Rider and Kaniks, the Mad Bomber.

The Spider then provides the Guardians intel of Pirrha, the Rifleman, the one who killed Cayde's Ghost. As they enter his snipers nest, the Guardian realize the nest was a trap as Pirrha's forces attack them. Surviving the trap, Pirrha contacts them, threatening to destroy their Ghost just as he did with Cayde's. Fighting past Pirrha's forces and keeping their Ghost safe from Pirrha's sniping, the Guardians manage to corner the Rifleman. Despite his Crossbow weapon and bothersome decoys, the Guardian kills Pirrha, avenging Cayde's Ghost.

Within the fields of the Tangled Shore, the Guardian finds remains of Servitors, completely drained of their ether. The Spider takes this as evidence that Reksis Vahn, the Hangman, a Scorn Baron with a hatred for Servitors, is nearby. Following a trail of ether to Quitter's Well, the Guardians encounter the Hangman within his lair and slay the sadistic Baron.

With another tip from the Spider, the Guardian searched for Hiraks, the Mindbender, a Scorn Baron with a morbid fascination for the Hive. The search for Hiraks takes them to a downed Hive Warship from the Taken War, which became a breeding ground for the Hive stranded in the Shore. Fighting past Hive soldiers under the control of Hiraks, the Guardian soon finds a portal rupture that leads to Hiraks' own throne world. Within the Ascendant Plane, the Guardian face off against Hiraks, who is stronger and more powerful within his throne world, but despite his Hive servants and Ascendant powers, they kill the Mindbender which causes his Ascendant Plane to destabilize. The Guardian manages to escape just in time before the Ascendant Plane collapses.

Spider's Servitor

With most of the Barons dead, the Guardian manage to track down the Baron's second-in-command, Elykris, the Machinist to Salvage Zone QX. There, the Machinist challenges the Guardian and forces them to question their motives in the deaths of her comrades. Nonetheless, the Guardian battles with Elykris where she unleashes the full force of her stolen and salvaged weaponry. Even with the force of her weaponry and tactics, the Guardian manages to kill Elykris and destroy her stockpile.

The Scorn's strength and leadership then crumbles to Fikrul, the Fanatic, the Scorn's Archon, and Uldren, the Guardian receives new intel from the Spider who confirms that Uldren and Frikul have been sighted at the Awoken Watchtower, a place which is said to house the Awoken's deepest secrets. Within the structure, Uldren orders Frikul to hold off the enemy while he finishes his work. Gathering their strength, the Spider's main forces engage with the Scorn's defenses in a massive Fallen battle while the Guardian breaches past them and enters the Awoken Watchtower. At the entrance, they face off with Frikul who desires revenge for his fellow Barons. Despite his Dark Ether powers, the Guardian manages to kill Frikul and later execute Uldren for his crimes.

Stabilizing the Shore[edit]

"The House of Dusk, such as it is, hangs on by a thread. I see no material harm to my people if you go ahead and cut them loose, my friend."
— The Spider

The Spider would demand order and stability to be brought back to the Prison of Elders following its mass breakout, which was under the Scorned Barons' control with the work of Araskes, the Trickster. Calling in the Drifter as a favor to rally a crew, the Guardians destroyed Variks' malfunctioning Warden Servitor. With the Prison in his hands, the Spider could sell it back to the Awoken after cleaning it of the leftover inmates with the Drifter.[7]

At a later date, the Guardians maintained vigilance over the Tangled Shore to hunt down any Prison of Elders escapees and provide favors for the Spider to pay off their "debt" to the Fallen Mob. This includes hunting down the Silent Fang, those affiliated with Irxis, Wolf Baroness and Beltrik, the Veiled, Fortifier Yann and Calzar, Scarred Captain, the latter of three the Spider has personal beef with.[8][9][10] The Guardians then receive a message from Frikul, apparently back from the grave, issuing a challenge to them to avenge his Scorn Barons. Tracking the Fanatic to the Scorn's original lair, the Guardians battle against Frikul once again and despite his Dark Ether abilities, they slay the Fanatic again but he swears that he will return.

In addition, to Frikul, the Guardians deal with remnants of Hiraks Hive brood after agreeing to take it as a favor for the Spider such as Hiraks's Familiar.[11] They discover Hive Knights poisoned with Ether, results of Hiraks's experiments and later encounter the progenitor of the Hive within the Tangled Shore was Hiraks consort, In Anânh, Brood Queen. They manage to corner her and kill the Brood Queen, bringing further stability in Tangled Shore.[12]

Anarchy of the Scourge[edit]

Siviks, the Spider's brother

"You… as bad as all Fallen! Worse, even! A friend even to humans… All must die!"
— Siviks to The Spider

With the Guardian now owing favors to him, the Spider enlists them in aiding one of his valued business associates: Ada-1 and the secret Black Armory; to which he gifts them a badge to permit entry into the Armory's private store at the Tower.[13] The Guardian would provide Ada-1 the assistance she needed by reclaiming the lost Volundr Forge from the Red Legion and forging their first weapon frame.[14] However, their endeavors with the Black Armory would only get more complicated from there on out.

The House of Spider would find itself challenged in the form of the Spider's immediate family.[6] While the Spider's forces maintain their alliance with the Last City, the Spider's brother, Siviks, grew too ambitious and decided to seize power over the Eliksni in the wake of the Scorn's loss of leadership. Escaping incarceration at the Prison of Elders, Siviks formed his own syndicate of anti-establishment Fallen called the Kell's Scourge as the Spider's competition.[15]

At first, the Guardians did not notice Siviks until he and his group stole and repurposed valuable advanced technology from the Black Armory and smuggled it across the Fallen. This granted Siviks the power he needed to assert his rule and allow him to gain the allegiance of deserting Fallen from the House of Dusk.[16] However, news of their theft and pushing into the Spider's territory reached the Last City. As a result, the Armory's curator, Ada-1, collaborated with the Guardians and the Spider to end the threat of Siviks and the Kell's Scourge before they could steal any more of her armory's weapons and cause irreparable damage.

In time, the Guardians aided the Spider in ridding him of his brother and gang while assisting Ada in reclaiming the Armory's lost secrets in the process.

Season of the Hunt[edit]

Spider meeting with Guardians and The Crow

"Xivu Arath is using her High Celebrant and those damned cryptoliths to corrupt Eliksni. Cabal too. But I'm losing soldiers and Glimmer by the Skiff-loads. You go out there and do what it is you do best, and I'll ah… lend you the resources you need to get it done. Maybe even a little extra something on the side, hm."
— Spider

Two years after the aforementioned conflicts between the Kell's Scourge, a new one would arise directly impacting the Spider's syndicate once more. Growing since the time of his brother's anarchy, Spider had taken to dispatching multiple salvage crews and supply runs. One such salvage operation, lead by Kosis, saw the preparation of an old Ketch belonging to the House of Kings marked for salvage. Followed in her crew by Savek, the group set up camp with Ether rationing being structured by Spider to incentivize the crew to get the job done quickly alongside being more cost-effective. Trying to fall asleep, Savek would hear the echoing whispers of an unknown Hive-like object which she discovered within a nearby rocky cave no larger than a Servitor.[17]

Reporting her findings back to camp, Kosis orders Savek and her fellow Dregs to dismantle the Hive structure for scrap;[18] it would be to no avail as the Crytolith regrew itself in a matter of hours.[19] Savek herself was enamored by the beckoning whispers of Xivu Arath from the cryptolith; her body slowly becoming emaciated from lack of sleep and Ether as she found herself constantly standing at the mouth of the cave. She was left distracted and unfocused during her work routine and broke part of the Ketch's gyroscope she was dismantling in a moment of inattention.[20]

Finally, Savek had succumbed to the cryptolith's call alongside her Dreg colleagues. Now fully enthralled under the Hive god, she murdered Kosis with her own stolen Shock Blade in a bloodthirsty rage.[21] Standing before the cryptolith in her final hours, Savek transcended her Fallen form as her body ruptured new arms and is remade into a powerful Wrathborn before crossing into the Ascendant Realm to join its new master.[22]

Though Savek and much of the crew she had been with were the first to fall, they were not the only ones and very quickly the Wrathborn and Cryptoliths greatly ruptured much of the Spider's operations, losing many supply runs and crews both to Wrathborn and to the Cryptoliths. Employing the use of The Guardian, Spider saw to it they work together with an Enforcer of his The Crow who Spider had become a godfather-like figure to. Forced to work for him due to Spider tampering his Ghost with explosives, The Crow, The Guardian, and the now lightless Osiris who had come to Spider earlier for information in the wake of the destinations vanishing formed the lead group in combatting the Wrathborn and tracking down their leader the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath.

Crow is tasked with being the researcher of Wrathborn, using technology within Spider's safehouse to jury-rig a Cryptolith Lure to give to Guardians in order to lure out and hunt Wrathborn leadership. While the hunt continues, Crow manages to augment the lure in a way to hunt down the leader of the Wrathborn, Xivu Arath's High Celebrant. He then provides The Guardian with the special lure to kill the Celebrant. Once the hunt begins Crow heads to the Dreaming City's Ascendant Plane in order to corner the Celebrant and force them back to the Dreaming City so the Guardian can continue the hunt. During the hunt Crow is trapped within the Ascendant Plane and crippled, forcing the Guardian to head in and finish the celebrant themselves. While the Guardian struggles to keep the pressure on the Celebrant, Crow recovers and finds a way to rig the Celebrant's portals, forcing them to stay in the Ascendant Plane and stun them, allowing an opening for his partner to end the Celebrant's campaign and its life for good.

Returning to the Spider's lair, Crow and the Young Wolf reported their success to the crime boss. Spider told the Young Wolf to name their reward, having promised anything within his lair, and Crow was stunned when the Young Wolf named his freedom as their prize. Spider balked as his guards readied themselves for a fight, but the Young Wolf reminded them of their deal as Crow nervously watched. Trapped by his own wording, Spider agreed and told Crow to fly away before demanding they leave his lair. Exiting the building, Crow and Glint wondered what they would do now and that their freedom did not feel real. Turning to the Young Wolf, Crow questioned why they had done this for them, and their friend told them that it was because the Crow was a Guardian.[23] Crow returned to the lair to have the Spider remove the explosives from Glint and resolved to remain around of his own free will to finish off the remaining Wrathborn.

System Dealings[edit]

After arriving in the Sol System, the Vanguard refused Caiatl's terms and a small-scale conflict began between the two sides as each sought to avoid open war. Empress Caiatl, assisted by Taurun, went to dealing with other powers within the system, including The Spider who operated a massive smuggling operation out of the Tangled Shore. During the first communication between the two, Taurun made introductions, but was quickly cut off by Caiatl, who noted the scribes could add the formalities to the official record later. Listening to the conversation, Taurun quickly grew infuriated with the Spider's tone and insults. When she attempted to reprimand the arrogant crime lord, Caiatl halted her once more and continued negotiations with him.[24]

During the clash, Spider and his Syndicate greatly exploited the Cabal's Rite of Proving for themselves. Visited by Crow in one of his multiple betting outposts, Crow was let in by Avrok and noted that the associate had been promoted and questioned what the odds were on Caiatl winning. Avrok growled that information cost, causing Crow to produce a bundle of glimmer that partially lit up the room and allowed him to see numerous Cabal weapons, vehicles, and technology being used as collateral by betters. Commenting on the objects, Crow's attention was caught by one Sparrow Vita Brevis, which Avrok noted belonged to Val Ma'rag who had bet he would become the first member of the War Council. With this new information, Crow turned back to Avrok and placed his own Sparrow on a counter-bet, claiming Ma'rag could have it if he ascended to the Council, but suggested to Avrok that the Guardians would disrupt the Val's Rite of Proving. Avrok was pleased with the bet and to do further business with Crow, departing to get the betting book.[25]

Leaving the Reef[edit]

Following the Vanguard managing to reach an armistice with Empress Caiatl and forging an alliance with the Eliksni House of Light to combat the Endless Night, the Guardians travelled to the Reef to locate Osiris but find Mara Sov returned in the Dreaming City. Further, they discover that Osiris was in fact, the Witch Queen in disguise and forged a bargain with the Awoken Queen. In exchange for removing her worm, Savathûn would end the Taken Curse over the Dreaming City and return Osiris safely. Agreeing to Mara Sov's terms, the Guardians would lend aid to the Awoken in combating Xivu Arath's Horde and rescue her Coven needed to excise the Witch Queen's worm.

Ever since her return, Mara Sov expected the Spider to lend some form of aid for the campaign but instead the Spider hadn't even contacted the Awoken which disappointed the Awoken Queen. Instead, the Spider was looking to leave the Reef altogether as he was aware Mara knew about his treatment of Crow and thus sought to avoid the Reef Queen's gaze. Making contact with his old business associate, The Drifter, the Spider employed him to smuggle himself and his operatives out of the Reef.

Setting up in The Last City[edit]

Though Drifter was successful in smuggling the Spider out of the Reef, with Mithrax agreeing to grant him a save haven within the Last City, his stasis pod became commandeered by Fallen of the House of Salvation, taking it to Riis-Reborn on Europa. Calling in a favor from the Guardians to reclaim his "cargo" from the Salvation Fallen, the Lightbearers located the Spider's stasis pod and agreed to let the Drifter and the Guardians use his old Ketch as "hazard pay" after the Drifter threatened to hand him over to Mara Sov as she placed a heavy bounty on his head. As the Guardians gathered what was left of the Spider's crew and released the Spider's ketch, they discover that the Stasis prison that housed Eramis was now shattered, explaining why the Salvation Fallen were rallying.

Bringing the Spider and his House to the Eliksni Quarter, the House of Spider set up a new base of operations within a makeshift bar as they discussed the Shipstealer's return, who was looking to gather the old crews and claim relics from the Dark Ages. Though Mithrax wished to have the whole Vanguard mobilize to deal with Eramis, they were preoccupied with either finding Eramis herself or preparing for when Calus would make his next move following the Nightmare resurgence upon the Derelict Leviathan. As a result, the Guardian agreed to work with the Drifter and the Spider on combating Eramis, with Mithrax reluctantly agreeing.

The Vanguard would allow the Spider to operate in the Last City as he aided the Guardians in combating Eramis, with the Spider arming the Guardians after being funded by the Vanguard, albeit in his own "entrepreneurial" way. As The Guardians worked on hunting down the Pirate Lords, they would use the House of Spider's ketch in battling the Fallen pirates pledged to Eramis, taking down their ketches and stealing their treasure before Eramis could claim them.

After the arrival of the Witness to Earth, the Shadow Legion began deploying to Earth to take prisoners, both human and Eliksni alike. In response, the Vanguard, along with the Imperial Cabal, the forces of The Reef, the House of Light and House of Spider began their own joint operations to counter the Shadow Legion's plans. Members of the House of Spider can be seen guarding The Farm as it is used as a base for Coalition forces to use. Meanwhile, after the discovery of Neomuna, Spider had attempted to offer his services to the people in an attempt to solicit a possible business agreement, although people from Neomuna, particularly Viragni "Sid" D'Sydney, are skeptical at best of this offer.


The Spider's syndicate appears to be loosely organized to be an official Fallen House. He rejects any notion of being a Kell and is an astonishingly generous employer by Fallen standards. The loyalty of his permanent "employees" is ensured by his daily payments of Ether: one kilogram for one day's work, including days spent recovering from injury. The custom of freelance scavengers and spies is ensured by the high prices he pays for their goods. In his eyes, employees and freelancers both are simply making a deal with him: as long as they uphold their side of it, he'll uphold his. [26] The syndicate includes many Servitors. How their loyalty is maintained is not mentioned.

Even non-Fallen can find employment in the syndicate if they have the right skills. The Spider had at least one contact in Dead Orbit, Howe, routing him supplies from City shipping manifests, who he later had killed for asking too many questions.[27] Koro, an Awoken who maintained a number of telescopes for him, received not only payment but transportation and protection.[28] The Spider has been known to also trust some Cabal brutes and Commanders, although most, such as the Isolated Phalanx have undermined him in one way or another.

The Spider's Palace in particular was a haven for outlaws and renegades of all sorts, ranging from Fallen (including at least one Devil Splicer), humans, Awoken, Cabal deserters and even the gambling trickster Araskes. [29]



Upper Associates[edit]



  • Flotsiks, Skiffblade
  • Jetsiks, Skiffblade
  • Ransiks, Skiffblade


Business Associates[edit]

Former Members[edit]

Unique forces[edit]


  • They are the second group of Fallen to be allied with Guardians, the first being the House of Judgment.
  • The Spider employed the services of others before the Guardians, such as Howe, a Dead Orbit member, Koro; an Awoken, and Gaelin-4, an Exo.


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