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Dead Orbit
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Howe was a member of Dead Orbit. He was secretly associated with The Spider, a Fallen criminal who led a syndicate in the Tangled Shore.


When The Spider contacted Howe directly to request certain items from a recent Dead Orbit mission to the Green Dove Arcology on Titan, Howe was terrified that his association with the Fallen mob boss would be discovered. As he perused the list of requested weapons and ammo, Howe noticed one item The Spider was requesting was a painting. Confused, Howe asked why the Spider had requested that item, which Arach Linde believed to be pre-Golden Age and part of a travelling art exhibit. The Spider told Howe not to concern himself with why and that he would be well paid if it was brought to him. Howe requested one-hundred hours to deliver the painting and other items, but The Spider gave him forty and abruptly ended their call.[1]

Howe delivered the painting to The Spider in his safehouse in the Tangled Shore, but was murdered by the Fallen mob boss for having asked too many questions prior to delivery. His body was disposed of by Arrha while The Spider admired the latest addition to his collection of human artwork.[2]

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