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Arrha, Spider's Associate
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"The Kells are dead or mad. The era of Houses is over. So I came to the Shore."
— Arrha[2]

Arrha, Spider's Associate is a Fallen who works for The Spider in his crime syndicate. He frequently worked alongside Avrok while doing missions in the Tangled Shore for the Spider.


Hunt for the Scorn[edit]

After The Spider was forced out his base of operations by Prince Uldren Sov and Fikrul, the Fanatic's Scorn, Arrha relocated with him and the rest of the syndicate to a safehouse in Thieves' Landing. When Petra Venj approached the Spider about the possibility of working together to defeat the Scorn, Arrha and Avrok were sent to assist the Young Wolf in clearing Thieves' Landing of Scorn so that the entrance to the safehouse could be safely opened without revealing its location. The three descended a gravity lift and joined a raging battle between the Spider's forces and the Scorn and were eventually able to secure the area enough for the Young Wolf to enter the safehouse.[3]

After most of the Scorn Barons were eliminated by the Young Wolf, Arrha and several other associates were sent to assist the Guardian once more by assaulting the Awoken Watchtower on the edge of the Tangled Shore where Uldren and Fikrul were making an attempt to enter the Dreaming City. After defeating the Scorn outside the Watchtower, Arrha and the others held back as the Young Wolf killed Fikrul and then pursued Uldren into the structure.[4]

Fishing on Titan[edit]

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A Changing System[edit]

Nearly two years after the Scorn were defeated, mysterious Hive structures began appearing across the Tangled Shore that caused both Fallen and Cabal to act strangely. Arrha and Avrok were present in the Spider's throne room when Brivi returned without the rest of his crew and cargo, claiming that they had all just left on foot and took the crates with them. The Spider did not believe his story and ordered Arrha and Avrok to begin torturing him for the truth, but as they approached their fellow associate with Molten Welders to burn his arms off, the Spider's enforcer Crow asked for permission to investigate instead, as the Hive structures might be responsible. Although Spider granted him permission, Arrha and Avrok were ordered to proceed with the torture anyway.[5]

Following the defeat of Eramis, Kell of Darkness and the arrival of Empress Caiatl in the Sol System, Arrha was dispatched by the Spider to Europa to gather information on the Pyramid and other issues on the moon. He was unable to discover anything new about the Pyramids or the Darkness as the House of Salvation remained scattered and the Cabal led by Basilius the Golem had yet to find something worthwhile. However, he spotted the Crow following Basilius and gathering information for the Vanguard on the Cabal. Returning to the Spider, Arrha was fearful due to failing to find the information he had been asked about but hoped the intel on Crow's activities would please the Spider. His boss was displeased with his failure and mused that the intelligence on Crow was only worth so much as Caiatl would have difficulty catching him. Arrha listened to the sounds of his fellow associates enjoying their payment down the hall and responded fearfully to Spider's rumination that Crow would have brought him useful information. The Spider caught him eyeing his payment in a nearby corner and scornfully told him to take it and leave. As Arrha gathered his ether the Spider warned him to remember that he was good to him, to which he nodded in agreement before scrambling out of the Spider's throne room.[6]

When the House of Light was invited to live in The Last City, Arrha was ordered by the Spider to go undercover within the Eliksni community. Dressing as a deserter from House Salvation and fasting from ether, Arrha joined a group of refugees traveling to the City. As their ship approached the stronghold of humanity, Arrha was at first overawed by the massive City and the Traveler above it and wondered if perhaps the Spider was wrong about humanity and Guardians. However, his awe quickly turned to disgust as the ship landed at in the Eliksni's enclave within the ruins of the Botza District. Viewing the war-torn vista, Arrha grew spiteful towards the humans and believed that only weaklings like Mithrax and his followers would accept living in such a place. Joining the other refugees in unloading the ship, Arrha was careful to move slowly and act more ether starved than he was in order to not give away his identity. Glancing around the new community, he believed that the Spider would be able to gain a foothold easily and own it within a year, allowing them to extract their own brand of vengeance upon humanity through glimmer, weapons, ether, and blood.[7]



  • Arrha's name is misspelled as Ahrrha in several lore entries.

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