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Avrok, Spider's Associate
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House of Kings (formerly)
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Spider's Associate

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Survivor of the Final Attempt, Built the Death to Kells exotic ship


"Was Wolf once. Still Wolf after Scatter, but… different. Then Queen's. Wolf again. Bannerless. Then Spider's."
— Avork, Spider's Associate.

Avrok, Spider's Associate is a Fallen that works for The Spider in his crime syndicate. He frequently works alongside Arrha while doing missions in the Tangled Shore for the Spider.


Avrok was present at what the Eliksni called the Final Attempt, which most likely is the Battle of the Twilight Gap. This theory is further supported by his description of a Guardian that wielded "a gun that left molten gold in her wake".[2] This Guardian is strongly believed to be Ana Bray, since she is famous for her usage of the Golden Gun at the Twilight Gap.

Eventually, Avrok grew tired of his servitude to Kells, being twice docked by House of Kings and after Uldren Sov made contact with Craask, Kell of Kings, Avrok took it as an opportunity to leave, having built a ship secretly away from prying eyes. He eventually found his way to the Tangled Shore and made contact with The Spider. Starving and weak, Avrok wished to be employed by The Spider and offered his ship as a sign of good will. The Spider asked what was the name of his ship, which Avrok answered as "Death to Kells". After that, The Spider hired him on the spot.

Visited by Crow during the Clash in one of his multiple betting outposts, Crow was let in by Avrok and noted that the associate had been promoted and questioned what the odds were on Caiatl winning. Avrok growled that information cost, causing Crow to produce a bundle of glimmer that partially lit up the room and allowed him to see numerous Cabal weapons, vehicles, and technology being used as collateral by betters. Commenting on the objects, Crow's attention was caught by one Sparrow Vita Brevis, which Avrok noted belonged to Val Ma'rag who had bet he would become the first member of the War Council. With this new information, Crow turned back to Avrok and placed his own Sparrow on a counter-bet, claiming Ma'rag could have it if he ascended to the Council, but suggested to Avrok that the Guardians would disrupt the Val's Rite of Proving. Avrok was pleased with the bet and to do further business with Crow, departing to get the betting book.[3]


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