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August 7th


Why ask

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My name is silent pants but I’ll be called the silent killer, I barely talk,I speak through sign language,I set up exotic bounties,yes I can make drinks and good ol hell of food like my chocolate chip cookies and cake and my drinks are a orange juice,fruit punch and my coke mixed with Pepsi.

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"Have you seen all parts"
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"When I watch the part with health"
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"Have you seen dont hug me I’m scared "
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"Is Virtuoso Claw friend or foe"
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Forza,Midtown madness,Destiny 2,gta,Mame,etc


Takis,Big Mac,McDonald’s,etc


Coke,dr pepper,mountain dew,orange juice,etc

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Favorite Destiny moment

When the Enemies Moving Against Each Other,Exotic gear,powerful gear,When something funny happens like a enemy flings off

Worst Destiny moment

When I can’t find the golden chests,Rare Gear,uncommon gear

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Ha, he got hit by a water jug.


Yeah, a old friend of mine told me about it, I sorta watch it, for a couple of seconds, but I remember myself watch a memed version or glitched/distorted version of those videos.


Their allies, infact, they're a Lion division, Fin, Lion Baron, (who is my brother in the Fan Fiction), is the leader of the Virtuoso Claw.


1:I'm changing it to be called the Dimensional Wars, because it sounds cooler and I'm changing the plot of the wars, but the Jojo Bizzare story will still be in it. And 2:Make the terminal map in the crucible


1: that's a lot of Houses, that are hated by the Dusk. and 2:Is the House of Hibachi extinct?