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August 7th


December 4, 2018

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"Yes but you know episode of pingu’a dream was scary and face controversy..."
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"Saw the link I’ve provided you about the evil one"
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"Any ideas of making a page of Tara the Android "
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"I’ve haven’t played d2 for awhile know any new things"
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"Have you seen all parts"
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About me

My name is silent pants but I’ll be called the silent killer, I barely talk,I speak through sign language,I set up exotic bounties,yes I can make drinks and good ol hell of food like my chocolate chip cookies and cake and my drinks are a orange juice,fruit punch and my coke mixed with Pepsi.

Hobbies & interests

Forza,Midtown madness,Destiny 2,gta,Mame,etc Takis,Big Mac,McDonald’s,etc Coke,dr pepper,mountain dew,orange juice,etc

Favorite Destiny moment

When the Enemies Moving Against Each Other,Exotic gear,powerful gear,When something funny happens like a enemy flings off

Worst Destiny moment

When I can’t find the golden chests,Rare Gear,uncommon gear

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Wanna be part of the Paradox project?


I don’t know, but that is fine tho.


Hm, maybe I can think about it, around...maybe either after Beyond Light, or around The Witch Queen: Seasons.