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The Watchtower


Tangled Shore, Reef

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The Watchtower is an Awoken outpost on the edge of the Tangled Shore. Within the tower is a gate that leads to the Dreaming City.


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"See, I had a quid pro quo with Queen Mara Sov. Nobody in or out on my watch. But now? Taken pour out, Scorn flow in - place is a revolving door, and I'm washing my hands of it."
— The Spider

Prior to the Battle of Saturn, Queen Mara Sov ordered the Dreaming City to be evacuated and sealed the passageway between the Watchtower and the Dreaming City with the help of her Techeuns. She struck a deal with The Spider to ignore his activities in exchange for him ensuring that nobody got in or out of the Watchtower.[1]

Uldren Sov was later manipulated by Riven, who had been Taken by Oryx, the Taken King, into assaulting the Watchtower and reopening the gate by pretending to be his sister Mara. Petra Venj and the Young Wolf fought through Uldren's Scorn followers with the help of Spider's forces in order to stop him. Fikrul, the Fanatic was slain by the Young Wolf at the entrance to the Watchtower, but delayed the Guardian long enough for Uldren to complete his task. However, the Voice of Riven emerged from the portal to the Dreaming City and attempted to kill Uldren. The Chimera was destroyed by the Young Wolf, while Uldren was subsequently executed by them and Petra for his crimes.[2]

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