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Gaelin-4 is an Exo Hunter most prominently known for his association with The Spider and the Vanguard during the Six Fronts. His ghost is named Clip and he owns a War Beast called Castus.


Association with Spider[edit]

Gaelin-4 was enlisted by Spider after he had heard positive things from the Guardians of The Last City, with particular emphasis on Gaelin's 'propensity for... live capture'. He had arrived on the Tangled Shore to take up the Wrathborn bounty from Arrha, Spider's Associate. Spider gifted him a couple of bottles of Sapphire Wire as extra payment to ensure the Wrathborn was returned alive, but Gaelin refused and wanted one of the beast's spawn instead. Spider also sent Nivviks and Vynriis to assist Gaelin with his bounty, and as Gaelin was leaving he spotted Osiris lingering near the back of the room.[1] As they neared the wreckage which the Wrathborn had caused, Clip analysed the blood and noticed it contained feint traces of Ether and Cabal oil. Gaelin-4 said that it was likely Calus was 'snagging Scorn from the Reef', but Nivviks believed that it was the Wrathborn's doing. The fireteam decided to set up camp and wait for the Wrathborn to appear.[2]

After waiting for some time, Gaelin-4 drew up a plan to ensare the Wrathborn using his Void tether and signalling Nivviks and Vynriis to drop the Arc cage on top to capture it. While they scouted the area, Gaelin spoke of Osiris and the Battle of Six Fronts. Nivviks became confrontational towards Gaelin as they said they also fought at Six Fronts, meanwhile Vynriis had never left the Shore and continued scouting the area. Gaelin said they should be thanking Osiris for changing the timeline to a better one.[3] Vynriis spotted movement at the lure, a Gladiator from the Red Legion, they noted it was 'abnormal for a Wrathborn' as they scouted it. Gaelin approached the Wrathborn and defeated it single-handedly, but was left badly injured.[4] His ghost Clip healed him and he asked Nivviks and Vynriis about their supporting fire. They said they had prevented the Wrathborn from dragging his body away and that Gaelin was handling the situation.

They continued their hunt for the Wrathborn by following the trail of fluid it had emitted when they injured it. Gaelin and Vynriis followed Nivviks closely as they led them to the Wrathborn's lair. They lined the entrance with web mines to prevent the quarry from leaving, while Gaelin would reproduce the same plan as before. This time, the plan was successful and they transferred the Wrathborn away on a Ketch. Vynriis asked Gaelin the name of his new War Beast, he replied 'Castus'.[5]

Personality and traits[edit]

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