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Clip is the Ghost of Gaelin-4.


When Gaelin-4 was hired by The Spider to help his associates Nivviks and Vynriis recapture a escaped Cabal Wrathborn on the Tangled Shore, Clip assisted them in investigating the trail of the creature. Upon finding the ruined remains of the Spider's convoy that had been transporting it, Clip materialized and analyzed the wreckage. They found traces of Ether and Cabal oil on the ground before dematerializing once more.[1] Gaelin was killed by the creature during the team's initial attempt to capture it, but the two Fallen associates were able to prevent it from taking his body. Clip revived their Guardian and noted that the Wrathborn had gotten a lucky hit in. After Gaelin thanked them for the resurrection, Clip informed him of what Nivviks and Vynriis had done before dematerializing once more.[2]

Some time later, Clip and Gaelin took a job on Venus where they worked alongside Gaelin's friend Katabasis and his Ghost Gilgamesh to track a target. Clip and Gilgamesh floated above the trees, serving as scouting drones, while the two Guardians followed Gaelin's War Beast Castus on the ground.[3]

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