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Trihn is a Lightbearer who was reborn in the fighting pits of the Tangled Shore by the Ghost Shakto. After being enslaved and forced to fight in the pits by Driksys, she eventually escaped and began hunting down the Eliksni criminal.


A Slave in the Fighting Pits[edit]

Trihn's corpse was discovered by Shakto in the grave-heap of deceased fighters that lay below the Tangled Shore's fighting pits, which were run by Driksys, a lieutenant of The Spider. Trihn attempted to fight her way free but was killed multiple times before being subdued. She was fed ether by the Eliksni to be compliant and forced to fight in the pits as a special attraction, although Trihn soon learned that Driksys and the other fighting pit bosses were hiding her existence from the Spider to pocket the profits they made off of her. She lost many of her first bouts but soon learned to fight and win bouts,[1] with additional ether being provided as a reward.[2] Eventually the fighting pit managers grew worried they would be exposed to Spider due to the growing myths about the Lightbearer pit fighter and attempted to contain her and trap Shakto. In doing so Trihn was able to touch the Void and free her mind. She and Shakto escaped from the fighting pit out onto the Shore, where she vowed to have her revenge by dismantling all of Driksys' operation.[1]

Hunting Driksys[edit]

"We'll keep doing this until he has no subordinates. He'll be forced to deal with us eventually."
— Trihn, after eliminating another of Driksys' lieutenants

Over the next several months Trihn gathered supplies and learned about the Spider's organization, often taking risks that Shakto advised against.[3] She sustained herself on ether scavenged from dead Eliksni and associates of Driksys she hunted down and killed. She eventually traced Driksys beyond the boarders of the Tangled Shore to the unclaimed no-mans land that separated it from the Reef's territory thanks to a tip from a fellow fighter from the pit. Two days into their pursuit, they were scavenging from a set of dead Dregs when Shakto picked up a proximity beacon from a set of trip lines they had set up. Examining a projection of the data on her tactical hologram, Trihn guessed they were moving fast on Pikes and ordered Shakto to prepare her own Pike in hopes of catching up by days end. Shakto warned they did not know what had passed through the lines, suggesting it could also be Scorn, but Trihn noted Scorn did not come out that far and that such a small group had to a crew of the Spider.[1]

As they closed in on the crew, Shakto suggested they try to avoid a fight and noted that hitting Driksys directly before they were prepared could draw the attention of Avrok, a higher ranking associate, or even the Spider. Her Ghost also pointed out that Spider's crews did not carry a lot of ether or other supplies, but Trihn stated that any hurt they put onto Driksys' crews would hurt him and impact the loyalty of his followers. She parked her Pike on a ridge overlooking a gully where the crew had stopped. The pair were confused by the presence of a Servitor that seemed damaged, but Trihn was excited because the presence of a Servitor and a upgraded Pike indicated a high-ranking associate was with the group. Shakto cautioned that it was not necessarily Driksys and that if Spider learned she was killing his lieutenants he might send his enforcer after them and that she would not be ready for that kind of fight. Trihn agreed to wait and see which associate was present before making a move against them.[3]

After a night of watching the camp the two spotted a wounded Captain dragging itself across the ground. Trihn was both disappointed and relieved that it was not Driksys, but noticed his red quills and recognized him as one of Driksys' men. Confused as to what had transpired, Trihn and Shakto resolved to get closer and investigate the scene.[3] Upon reaching the camp Trihn wondered why a Servitor, even damaged, was so far out from the Tangled Shore and unprotected. Grabbing an Arc Spear from amongst the supplies, she approached the wounded Captain and demanded his name. However, the Eliksni frothed at the mouth and stared at her with a maddened eye. Shakto scanned him and noted that his physiology was altered and speculated that it could be from tainted ether. Knowing they would get no answers, Trihn claimed the Eliksni's life by driving the spear into his chest and vowed to eliminate all of Driksys' subordinates until he had to fight them. As they checked the camp they found several cannisters of ether which Shakto determined were clean before following the Captain's trail back to a narrow entrance in the rocky walls of the gully. Inside she found a rope leading into a cavern space below. Trihn discovered the rest of the crew brutally ripped apart,[4] along with a mysterious metal structure.[2]

A Name From Beyond[edit]

"Do you remember the name?"
"Something is coming here. I don't."
"Xivu Arath.
— Shakto questioning Trihn about the name she heard from the Cryptolith

Trihn approached the structure over Shakto's warnings and touched it. It came alive under her touch and said it was the "answer". Over the course of the day she repeatedly return to it to force more information from it with her mind, and eventually it promised to make her stronger. It showed her images of her past and the betrayals she had suffered before showing her vengeance being sated an Driksys' head upon a spike. That night she dreamed of the pit and resolved to use the power offered if it helped her gain vengeance. Leaving Shakto and his protests on the surface, Trihn went back into the cavern and shot up a concentrated dose of ether to commune more deeply with the metal structure.[2] She repeated this process three times, each time gaining answers on different pathways that would lead to her vengeance against Driksys and which paths would end in her death. Her body was weakened by the ether injections, including several fractures in her hands. However, each trip left gaps in her knowledge that left her wanting to go back in for more information.[5]

On Trihn's fourth injection, she realized that the Cryptolith had been planted like a blade there on purpose to claim worship from those who found it and implant a name. She was unable to keep her consciousness from being drawn in once more, but this time her mind was torn across time and space to a grand terrace surrounded by swords upon which a lone figure strode between two thrones. Upon this figure was a host of mouths that screamed that name and Trihn knew that was the only truth that had been shown to her before being filled with regret for not heeding Shakto's warnings.[5]

Trihn awoke to Shakto prodding her body and was barely able to stop herself from stabbing him, although she was unsure what caused that urge. As the Ghost healed her injuries he told her that she had been muttering a name while unconscious. She was unsure what he meant, as she was distracted by a pulsing irritating feeling inside her head that was unlike any aftereffect of her previous ether trips. Trihn told him that all she knew was that something was coming to the Sol System but could not recall its name, but Shakto told her it was Xivu Arath. While she was unsure of who that was, Trihn felt it settle into the places of her mind that went unused and take hold. As they journeyed back to the Tangled Shore the name haunted her dreams and made war upon her mind. She awoke to find her fingernails digging into her hands or wailing alone on an isolated rock. After being separated from Shakto twice due to this, they discovered that death helped keep the name at bay for a time in her mind. Despite the war going on inside her head, Trihn vowed not to be defeated by it as she still had much work to do.[5]

New Alliances[edit]

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