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Story Quests[edit]

The Red War Campaign[edit]

The tale of Guardians and their perserverence aginst the Red Legion.


The Last City is under attack by the Red Legion. It's time to fight back.


The Red Legion has overrun the Last City. The Light is gone. You are powerless. Live to fight another day.

Tyra Karn[edit]

Tyra — another Guardian who has lost her connection to the Light — has a warning about the Shard from your vision.

Suraya Hawthorne[edit]

The Shard from your vision calls from the horizon. But Hawthorne has something for you before you go.


While Hawthorne offers shelter to those who fled the City, a vision points to a long-forgotten place.

Suraya Hawthorne[edit]

Your Light is restored! Return to Hawthorne at the Farm and start using your powers to fight back.

Meditations Campaign[edit]

The tale The Guardian's quest to learn more from prior battles.

Curse of Osiris Campaign[edit]

The tale of The Guardians mission to save the exiled Osiris from the Vex.

Warmind campaign[edit]

The tale of Rasputins call, and The Guardian who heeded that call.

World Quests[edit]


Initial Consultation[edit]

Devrim has a strange tale to tell of the Fallen. Get in touch with him and learn more.

  • Activate Devrim's Beacon (Complete Patrol Mission)

A Second Opinion[edit]

Now that the Fallen can make no more enhanced Ether, talk to Devrim about what to do next.

Differential Diagnosis[edit]

Search for any remaining trace of enhanced Ether in the region and destroy it before the Fallen rise again.

Experimental Treatment[edit]

Search for the Fallen in charge of the enhanced Ether production and dissemination—and eliminate them.

Follow-Up Appointment[edit]

With the Servitor destroyed, return to Devrim to celebrate the end of a major threat, and receive a reward.

Enemy of My Enemy[edit]

A Visit to Command[edit]

Sloane needs your help with the Fallen.

Data Requisition[edit]

Chase the Fallen out of a control center.

Report to Sloane[edit]

Bring Sloane the data you recovered from the control room.

Lighting the Dark[edit]

Find the Methane Reactor to end the Arcology's power shortages.

Chances and Choices[edit]

Find the Methane Reactor for Sloane before the Fallen Captain does.

At Full Power[edit]

Return to Sloane with the Methane Reactor.

Exodus Black[edit]

Thinking About Death[edit]

Speak to Failsafe at the Exodus Black.

O' Captain[edit]

Investigate Failsafe's suspicion that her captain is still alive.

My Captain[edit]

Follow the strange Harpy to discover what the Vex know.

Simulation of Grief[edit]

With the fate of her original captain discovered, speak to Failsafe at the Exodus Black.



Ikora's agents have reported unusual Taken activity on the plateaus of Io. Confirm the intel.

Calculated Action[edit]

Ikora fears that the Taken may have new leadership. Figure out what they're up to.

Asher's Theory[edit]

Speak with Asher about the ramifications of the Vex being converted by the Taken.

  • Talk to Asher at the Rupture

The Long Play[edit]

The Taken are assembling a new army to march on the Vex Collective. It is essential to stop them.


Now that the crisis is over, return to Asher and receive his undoubtedly effusive congratulations.

  • Talk to Asher at the Rupture



Speak to Cayde-6.


The Vanguard uses patrol beacons to coordinate the efforts of Guardians across the system.


Return to Cayde-6 to collect your reward.

Global Quests[edit]

EDZ Challenges[edit]

EDZ Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges while exploring the EDZ.

  • Complete 3 challenges while exploring the EDZ

EDZ Challenges[edit]

Speak to Devrim to collect your reward.

Nessus Challenges[edit]

Nessus Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges while exploring Nessus.

  • Complete 3 challenges while exploring Nessus

Nessus Challenges[edit]

Speak to Failsafe to collect your reward.

Titan Challenges[edit]

Titan Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges while exploring Titan.

  • Complete 3 challenges while exploring Titan

Titan Challenges[edit]

Speak to Sloane to collect your reward.

  • Speak to Sloane at the Command Deck

Io Challenges[edit]

Io Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges while exploring Io.

  • Complete 3 challenges while exploring Io

Io Challenges[edit]

Speak to Asher to collect your reward.

  • Speak to Asher at the Rupture

Mercury Challenges[edit]

Mercury Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges while exploring Mercury.

  • Complete 3 challenges while exploring Mercury

Mercury Challenges[edit]

Speak to Cult Member to collect your reward.

Ikora's Challenge[edit]

Ikora's Challenge[edit]

Complete 5 challenges while anywhere.

  • Complete 5 challenges while anywhere

Ikora's Challenge[edit]

Speak to Ikora to collect your reward.

Strikes Challenges[edit]

Crucible Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 challenges in the Crucible.

Crucible Challenges[edit]

Speak to Shaxx to collect your reward.

Strikes Challenges[edit]

Strikes Challenges[edit]

Complete 3 Strikes Challenges.

Strikes Challenges[edit]

Speak to Zavala to collect your reward.

Clan XP[edit]

Clan XP[edit]

Earn Clan XP in Strikes, Raids, the Crucible, or world activities.

Clan XP[edit]

Visit Hawthorne to receive Clan rewards.

Exotic Quests[edit]

Sight, Shoot, Repeat: Mida Multi-Tool[edit]

Rat King's Crew: Rat King[edit]

Relics Of The Golden Age: Sturm[edit]

Imperial Invitation: Legend Of Acrius[edit]