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These are quests from Destiny 2.

Base game quests[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Humanity's Last Safe City has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force led by Dominus Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped the City's Guardians of their power and forced the survivors to flee. You will venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds of our solar system to discover an arsenal of devastating weapons and powerful armor.

Curse of Osiris quests[edit]

Curse of Osiris[edit]

Uncover the true story of the greatest Warlock who ever lived, unravel the mystery of the Infinite Forest, and stop the Vex from ushering in a dark future where only they remain.

Warmind quests[edit]


Golden Age satellites slam into the surface of the Hellas Basin on Mars. Icy glaciers thaw, revealing the core of the Warmind Rasputin—and an ancient Hive army, bent on its destruction.

Forsaken quests[edit]


The death of one of the Last Safe City's beloved leaders unleashes a bevy of unforeseen consequences. Take justice into your own hands as you venture into a new frontier filled with enemies, allies, untold mysteries, and treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Shadowkeep quests[edit]


As the heroes of the Last Safe City turn their attention to frontiers beyond the protection of the Vanguard, new Nightmares have emerged on our forgotten Moon. Eris Morn has returned and awoken something that once slumbered beneath the Moon's surface—a long-dormant power that even she cannot control.

Luna's Calling[edit]

Beyond Light quests[edit]

Beyond Light[edit]

Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, has occupied Europa with her Fallen army and Guardians must respond. Travel to Jupiter's frozen moon, hunt down Eramis, and prepare to wield the Darkness.

A Hard Rain Falls[edit]

Remnants Of Darkness[edit]

Old Secrets, New Challenges[edit]

The Encroaching Darkness[edit]

Sabotaging The Empire[edit]

Key To The Truth[edit]

Reclaiming Europa[edit]

Europan Helm[edit]

Europan Arms[edit]

Europan Chest[edit]

Europan Class[edit]

Europan Legs[edit]


Europan Protector I[edit]

Europa Challenges I[edit]

Europan Explorer I[edit]

Empire Hunt I[edit]

Europa Rewards I[edit]

Europan Gear I[edit]

Europan Detector I[edit]

Europan Protector II[edit]

Europa Challenges II[edit]

Europan Explorer II[edit]

Empire Hunt II[edit]

Europa Rewards II[edit]

Europan Gear II[edit]

Europan Detector II[edit]

Europan Protector III[edit]

Europa Challenges III[edit]

Europan Explorer III[edit]

Empire Hunt III[edit]

Europa Rewards III[edit]

Europan Gear III[edit]

Europan Detector III[edit]

Careful Shot[edit]

Hunting Vex[edit]

Heroic Challenger[edit]


Live For The Hunt[edit]

Empire Sabotage[edit]

Exo Challenger[edit]

Battle Ready[edit]


Challenging Hunt[edit]

Doing The Rounds[edit]

Europan Vigilance[edit]

Lost Sector Exploration[edit]

Power Hungry[edit]

Confronting The Enemy[edit]

Tech Requisition[edit]

Challenging Bounty[edit]

Gathering Resources[edit]

Europan Duty[edit]

Heroic Duty[edit]

Europan Guard Duty[edit]

Season of the Hunt quests[edit]

Open Season[edit]

The Cryptolith Lure[edit]

In Pursuit Of Vengeance[edit]

The Final Piece[edit]

Season of the Chosen quests[edit]

The H.E.L.M.[edit]

Mision Briefing[edit]

Precious Plunder[edit]

Battleground: Foothold[edit]

Battleground: Hailstone[edit]

Battleground: Oracle[edit]

Battleground: Behemoth[edit]

Pulled Pins And Fragmentation[edit]

Season of the Splicer quests[edit]

Decrypting The Darkness[edit]

Mision Briefing[edit]

Path Of The Splicer[edit]

Armor Synthesis Introduction[edit]

New Light quests[edit]

New Light[edit]

Welcoming Committee[edit]

Ornamental Container[edit]



The Hunger[edit]

Strange Topography[edit]

The Waking Nightmare[edit]

Vanguard quests[edit]


Strikes And Strife[edit]

Strike Rangemaster[edit]

Cutting A Path[edit]

Dangerous Foray[edit]

Fire And Ice[edit]

Path Of The Vanguard[edit]

Eyes On The Enemy[edit]

Destructive Deployment[edit]

Crucible quests[edit]


Valor And Victory[edit]

Crucible Rangemaster[edit]

No Quarter[edit]

To The Whistle[edit]

Do Not Yield[edit]

Spoils Of Victory[edit]

Path Of The Crucible[edit]

Eyes Downrange[edit]

Thrown, Launched, Or Otherwise[edit]

Gambit quests[edit]

Between Friends[edit]

Infamy And Invasions[edit]

Gambit Rangemaster[edit]

Pyramid Scheme[edit]

For The Taking[edit]

Feast Or Famine[edit]

Best Laid Plans[edit]

Path Of The Gambit[edit]

Eyes On The Bank[edit]

Mote-vated Bombing Run[edit]

Iron Banner quests[edit]

Shaped By Iron[edit]

Smelting Pot[edit]

Leverage The Void[edit]

World quests[edit]

Main article: World Quest


Enemy of My Enemy[edit]

Exodus Black[edit]


Exotic quests[edit]

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Sight, Shoot, Repeat: MIDA Multi-Tool[edit]

Rat King's Crew: Rat King[edit]

Relics Of The Golden Age: Sturm[edit]

Imperial Invitation: Legend of Acrius[edit]

Nascent Dawn: Polaris Lance[edit]

The Machine's Gun: Sleeper Simulant[edit]

The Whisper: Whisper of the Worm[edit]

Cayde's Will: Ace of Spades[edit]

Tex Mechanica Tournament: The Chaperone[edit]

Wish-Ender: Wish-Ender[edit]

Darkness in the Light: Malfeasance[edit]

A Giant's Might: Jötunn[edit]

A Butterfly's Grace: Le Monarque[edit]

Lock and Key: Izanagi's Burden[edit]

The Draw: The Last Word[edit]

Independent Study: Thorn[edit]

Zero Hour: Outbreak Perfected[edit]

A Weapon of Hope: Lumina[edit]

Truth Behind The Stories: Truth[edit]

The Other Side: Bad Juju[edit]

Pain And Gain: Riskrunner[edit]

Symphony of Death: Deathbringer[edit]

The Journey: Xenophage[edit]

Divine Fragmentation: Divinity[edit]

Make Bows Not War: Leviathan's Breath[edit]

Memento: Bastion[edit]

A Moment In Time: Devil's Ruin[edit]

In Rides A Pale Horse: The Fourth Horseman[edit]

Growth: Ruinous Effigy[edit]

Exodus & Evacuation: Traveler's Chosen[edit]

The Stasis Prototype: Salvation's Grip[edit]

Lost Lament: The Lament[edit]

Harbinger (Exotic Quest): Hawkmoon[edit]

Presage: Dead Man’s Tale[edit]

A Hollow Coronation: Ager's Scepter[edit]

Of Queens and Worms: Parasite[edit]

REPORT: REVERSE-LURE: Edge of Action, Edge of Intent, & Edge of Concurrence[edit]

Vox Obscura: Dead Messenger[edit]

Operation: Seraph's Shield: Revision Zero[edit]

Unfinished Business: Deterministic Chaos[edit]

The Final Strand: Final Warning[edit]

Strider: Winterbite[edit]

//NODE.OVRD.AVALON//: Vexcalibur[edit]

Starcrossed: Wish-Keeper[edit]