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This article is about the exotic quest. For the Crucible map, see Memento.
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Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

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Recover a timelost relic of Saint-14.




Memento is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that was included in Season of Dawn and available for Season Pass owners, rewarding players the Bastion fusion rifle.[1] To unlock the quest, players must have completed the prerequisite two-part seasonal missions, "Corridors of Time Part 1" and "Corridors of Time Part 2", and rescued Saint-14 from the Infinite Forest. After traversing through the maze-like Corridors of Time and reaching the Timelost Vault, Players must interact with the memorial to acquire the chronometric weapon core and the first quest step.[2]


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Step 1: A False Refraction[edit]

Talk to Saint-14.

  • Speak with Saint-14

"I trust you, friend. You will get to the bottom of this"
— Saint-14


Saint-14 reaches out and shakes your hand. "It is good to see you, Guardian. I have a small problem." Saint produces a display, signal-locked to a source of Light in the Tangled Shore. The signal is weak, but aligns perfectly with the frequency of Saint-14's Light from the Sundial and your newfound chronometric core. "It cannot be me. I am here." Saint laughs nervously.

"Zavala tells me you have… friends in the Tangled Shore." Saint crosses his arms. "I do not think the Fallen would react so well to my presence." He chuckles, unfolds an arm to reveal a data pad, and requests you go in his stead.

Step 2: Spoken Word[edit]

The Light frequency you're chasing aligns with those of not only the Sundial, but also the chronometric core you recovered from the Corridors of Time. Hunt down Fallen Captains and Servitors anywhere in the Tangled Shore to collect intel to help decipher their comms chatter and find out what they know about this anomaly.

  • Fallen intel collected: 5

"The Fallen still speak my name?"
— Saint-14

Step 3: Lost Connection[edit]

The Fallen intel you've collected has allowed you to analyze the Fallen's comms chatter. Two names are repeating: One is Saint-14's, but the other isn't one you've heard before. Perhaps Spider would be able to shed some light on this information.

  • Speak with Spider

"Gossip travels fast on the Shore."
— The Spider


"Greetings my… you get the idea." Spider's breath shudders in anticipation. "I trust you have business? Dealings?" He pauses, waiting for you to produce something worthwhile.

Realization sweeps across Spider's several eyes. "Oh… no. You need a favor." You can almost smell his twisted grin as he chides your imposition between deep rebreather hits. "Well… what is it then?"

You nod, and Ghost replays segments of Fallen chatter, isolating a repeated name. "Bahaha. Old 'Lightkiller'? He has a big, arrogant, mouth." Spider sneers before beckoning you closer. "Hit the club." He pats your shoulder. "I expect… reciprocation. When it's needed." Spider draws deeply on his rebreather, nods, and slumps back. "You always bring me the best stories."

Step 4: Backroom Brawl[edit]

Follow Spider's charitable lead to the Lost Sector Empty Tank in Thieves' Landing. Your target has been seen placing Ether bets in back rooms.

"Give the door man my regards."
— The Spider


Players must kill Aksiniks, Bound by Honor in the final room of the Empty Tank lost sector and retrieve the note he drops.

Step 5: Talk to Spider[edit]

Aksiniks carried a note written in Eliksni script. Ghost has deciphered the text, but you're missing context to find your next move. Perhaps Spider could help.

  • Speak with Spider

"House drama, revenge, atonement? Oh, how delectable."
— The Spider


The Spider bristles at your approach. "Ah… my Guardian." Spider's eyes linger on your mud-covered boots trailed by soil-caked tracks. An uneven hiss spews from his rebreather as he gestures for a guard to bring the stained note in your outstretched hand. "I trust your meeting went well?"

Spider flaps the ragged note flat against the thick Shore air. He mumbles Eliksni between chittering clicks and hisses. "Buyer's remorse," he chortles. "Sounds like some trigger-happy Lights snuffed him out." Spider relaxes, satisfied with his answer. Silent seconds pass.

"Oh… it wants the gun." Spider produces a tittering giggle. "Of course you do." He agrees to find the burial site for you, but needs your persuasive flair. "Do what you do best. Crack a few skulls. Sow fear. Whenever a Guardian starts wreaking havoc, they always come to me."

Step 6: A Strong Arm[edit]

Spider wants you to get your hands dirty. Defeat challenging combatants and complete public events on the Tangled Shore to encourage information leaks. Spider will be in touch.

  • Spider bounties: 10
  • Challenging enemies: 30
  • Public events: 8

"I point, you shoot. I like this agreement."
— The Spider


Players must finish 10 bounties (either daily or weekly) from the Spider, complete 8 public events, and defeat 30 Elite or higher ranking enemy combatants all at the Tangled Shore.

Step 7: Rude Awakening[edit]

Spider's associates have found several talkative Fallen willing to sell information for safety. Travel to the Lost Sector Trapper's Cave in Four-Horn Gulch.

  • Grave investigated

"Apply some pressure, and everything tends to spill out."
— The Spider


Players must traverse to the lost sector and locate the defiled grave of Reysk, which still carries a collectible, makeshift will and testament meant for Aksiniks.[3] Interacting with it reveals traces of Dark Ether, indicating that the deceased Fallen was reanimated into a Scorn Chieftain and still carries the lost weapon with him.

Step 8: Altered Chief[edit]

Your investigations have aligned. An old weapon belonging to Saint-14 was recovered by a Fallen long ago. That Fallen, buried in the Tangled Shore, has been twisted into a Scorn Chieftain. Saint's Light signal must be coming from his old weapon. Enter strike "The Hollow Lair, Memento" and track down the new Scorn Chieftain. Relieve them of their stolen armament of Light.

"Dark Ether, eh? Only one place that leads. Happy hunting, friend."
— The Spider


Players must engage in a Heroic-difficulty reprise of The Hollowed Lair strike. At the final encounter with Fikrul, the Fanatic, the secret boss Defiled Reysk, the Waning Light will spawn midway through the fight. Killing him will net players the lost weapon and the final quest step.

Step 9: Talk to Saint-14[edit]

Talk to Saint-14.

  • Speak with Saint-14

"Something is troubling me, Guardian."
— Saint-14


Present Saint-14 with his old fusion rifle, Bastion. He will fix it with the chronometric core retrieved earlier before offering it back as a gift and your reward to complete the quest.


You've returned Saint-14's old Fusion Rifle, Bastion, to him. He fiddles with the rifle briefly and sets the damaged connections straight with the component you had. The rifle hums to life.

He thanks you for finding the source of his Light and laments that his weaponry was used against Guardians. "Never again," he whispers, before handing the gun back.

  • SAINT-14: Good health, friend. What is this? My old weapon? No. Your new weapon. Oh, you seem to improve everything you touch, Guardian. Old things made new. Given purpose. This is a good lesson. In your absence, I walked the streets of the City. Spoke to the people. I sat beneath the Traveler and listened. Scars are still healing. I witnessed many new faces. They look to me and see a myth. I admit it does make me feel old - and humbled. As i walked, do you know what I saw? Smiles. I heard music! It is good to be reminded why we fight. I will walk the streets again tomorrow. Maybe, I will sing.

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