Corridors of Time

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Corridors of Time
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Fields of Glass, Mercury

Enemy Factions:


Connecting Areas:

Sundial Slipway
Zephyr Station Perimeter
Infinity's Siphon
Timelost Vault

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Public Events:


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The Corridors of Time are a border place in time where the Vex have inhabited. The Vex utilize this place to move themselves throughout time, bearing many different openings to the different time periods the Vex have rooted themselves in; a place where any unknowing explorer could easily get lost. Ever since the Red Legion's interference with The Sundial, the layout of the Corridors became corrupted, resulting in different timelines intersecting and leaking into one another.

Nearing the end of January 2020, the Corridors were opened up to the public. Inside a Timelost Vault, the Guardian found a tombstone dedicated to themselves, which allowed them to start a quest to obtain the Bastion. A week later, the Corridors became so unstable that they collapsed on themselves.


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