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My favourite topics to read on are; The Hive, The Taken, The Nine, and some Awoken lore! I like to find pages with little-to-no information and try my best to expand upon it as much as possible.

As of right now, I am;

  • Scouring Destiny 1 and inspecting its playerbase for weapons to screenshot and upload on here, as well as make pages for ones without them.
  • Trying to remember which item I need for a citation.
  • Realising I have "minor edit" checked by default and screaming into a pillow over how many not-minor "minor" edits I have made.
  • Learning how to cite things without blow-torching the citations page.

I usually focus on grammar fixes, which ends up with me rewriting a paragraph entirely.

I remember a lot of details after submitting an edit, forgive me for the back-and-forths.

I would like to make a wiki page but I am shy. One day when I'm big and cool I will make one and have a subsection specifically to list all of my zingers that go unnoticed in edit tags so I can politely chuckle at them and also drop hints that everyone should read them.

My "Cringe Tier" pet-peeve is wiki articles written in 2nd person, makes me wrinkle my nose a little. I don't really get the appeal of writing a level guide like you're a narrator—last thing I'd ever want is the inherently evil moving image of the computer screen referring to me as a person.

I use British English word spelling, but with regards to this American site, I will omit the "u".

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