Seraph Tower

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Seraph Tower
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Recommended Light Level:



Winding Cove, European Dead Zone
Anchor of Light, Moon
The Rupture, Io


Fallen (EDZ and Moon)
Cabal (EDZ and Io)
Hive (Moon)
Vex (Io)


Use Polarity Charges to feed energy to the Seraph Tower to print ordnance satellites.


"Attention Guardians: Towers are coming online. Any and all assistance appreciated. It'll be fun. I promise."
Ana Bray

Seraph Tower was a Public Event featured in Season of the Worthy as a seasonal activity, in which Guardians must aid Rasputin in rearming his orbital defense network while fending off the enemies of Humanity from stealing the towers' polarity energy.[1]


Guardians must interact with the retracted Seraph Tower to initiate the activity, which rises from the ground bringing it online while Ana Bray provides tactical commentary over the comms. The two surrounding Support Towers will also activate which will begin pulsing with Arc energy, which Guardians must help transfer the energy from them over to the main tower to help build the ordinance satellite; all while also protecting the area from nearby enemies.

Protect the charging Support Towers[edit]

Each Support Tower holds a massive, orange-colored Polarity Charge which slowly drifts towards the main tower. After about 20 seconds they will periodically release six smaller charges that Guardians must collect and throw at the larger charge to guide it towards the central tower (similar to Lost Forges), which the towers would indicate with an audible timer when they will release. Guardians who aren't handling charges should focus on eliminating as many enemy combatants as possible from the area near the active tower, because if an enemy is on the support tower plate when the charges release, only two will spawn. Once the larger Charge is in the central Seraph Tower, the Support Tower it came from folds back into the ground and the next one rises repeating the cycle.

Every large Polarity Charge pushed towards the central tower will add roughly 15% to the Seraph Ordinance Satellite Construction meter. Once construction is complete and the meter reaches 100%, a final wave of enemies plus three Champions will arrive which have to be defeated. Doing so will cause the newly constructed ordinance satellite to launch and complete the activity, spawning two reward chests; one of them contains some Warmind Bits and Legendary or Rare gear. The other one has to be unlocked using an Encrypted Warmind Bit, and contains Legendary seasonal gear and Warmind Cell Mods.

Players who upgrade the Seraph Bunker of their respective Destinations can unlock rank bonuses providing certain buffs during the activity, including summoning Heavy Frames and the Valkyrie javelin at certain percentages of the Construction meter.




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