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Mods are a form of upgrade in Destiny 2. They are used to boost the potency of weapon perks, change weapon stats, provide bonuses for Exotic weapons via Catalysts, and add or improve features onto a piece of Armor. Some mods can also be equipped onto Ghost shells, and provide a variety of bonuses.

Weapon mods[edit]

Weapon mods are those that can be slotted into any Legendary weapon released during or after the Forsaken expansion. Almost all of them can be used an infinite amount of times upon acquisition, but there are a few that are single use. A full list of weapon mods can be found below (any info in italics was gathered from the Community Research section of each mod on

Mod name Mod icon Mod description Season introduced Single use?
Backup Mag Backup Mag.jpg Increases magazine
+30 Magazine Stat
Season 4 No
Boss Spec Boss Spec.jpg Increases damage against bosses and vehicles
+7.77% Damage increase against Bosses and Vehicles.
Season 4 No
Counterbalance Stock Counterbalance Stock.jpg Reduces recoil deviation for the weapon.
+15 Recoil Direction
Season 4 No
Freehand Grip Freehand Grip.jpg Increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip
X% increased Hipfire Accuracy; 0.95x Ready Animation Duration Scalar.
Season 4 No
Icarus Grip Icarus Grip.jpg Improves accuracy while airborne.
+15 Airborne Effectiveness
Season 4 No
Major Spec Major Spec.jpg Deals extra damage against powerful enemies
+7.77% Damage against Elites and Minibosses
Season 4 No
Minor Spec Minor Spec.jpg Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies
+7.77% Damage against Rank-And-File
Season 4 No
Radar Tuner Radar Tuner.jpg Radar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights
Radar immediately returns after stopping ADS (Normally takes 1.5s)
Season 4 No
Taken Spec Taken Spec.jpg Increased damage against Taken enemies
+10% Damage against Taken Combatants
Season 4 No
Targeting Adjuster Targeting Adjuster.jpg This weapon gains better target acquisition
+5 Aim Assist
Season 4 No
Dragonfly Spec Dragonfly Spec.jpg Increases the damage and radius of Dragonfly
+50% Damage and Radius for Dragonfly explosions
Season 5 No
Quick Access Sling Quick Access Sling.jpg Increases this weapon's ready and stow speed
0.9x Ready/Stow Animation Duration Multiplier
Season 5 No
Radar Booster Radar Booster.jpg Slightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies
Maximum Radar Distance increased by 8 metres
Season 5 No
Rampage Spec Rampage Spec.jpg Increases duration of Rampage
Rampage lasts 1 second longer
Season 5 No
Sprint Grip Sprint Grip.jpg Temporarily increases the weapon's ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting
+X handling for Y seconds after sprinting for Z seconds
Season 5 No
Surrounded Spec Surrounded Spec.jpg Increases the damage granted by Surrounded; Bonus damage lingers for a brief time when no longer surrounded by three or more enemies
Additive 10% Surrounded Damage Increase, lingers for 1.5s
Season 5 No
Adept Blast Radius Adept Blast Radius.jpg +10 Blast Radius Season 12 No
Adept Charge Time Adept Charge Time.jpg +10 Charge Time
-40ms Charge Time; does not reduce damage, unlike Charge Time MW; does not display in the stats
Season 12 No
Adept Counterbalance Adept Counterbalance.jpg Greatly improves recoil direction at the cost of range
+35 Recoil, -10 Range
Season 12 No
Adept Handling Adept Handling.jpg +10 Handling Season 12 No
Adept Impact Adept Impact.jpg +10 Impact
+5 Impact
Season 12 No
Adept Mag Adept Mag.jpg Greatly increases magazine at the cost of handling
+35 Recoil Direction, -10 Range
Season 12 No
Adept Projectile Speed Adept Projectile Speed.jpg +10 Projectile Speed
+10 Velocity
Season 12 No
Adept Range Adept Range.jpg +10 Range Season 12 No
Adept Reload Adept Reload.jpg +10 Reload Season 12 No
Adept Stability Adept Stability.jpg +10 Stability Season 12 No
Adept Targeting Adept Targeting.jpg Greatly increases target acquisition at the cost of stability
+10 Aim Assist, -15 Stability
Season 12 No
Adept Big Ones Spec Adept Big Ones Spec.jpg Deals extra damage against powerful combatants, bosses, and vehicles
+7.77% Damage against Elites, Minobosses, and Bosses
Season 13 No
Adept Icarus Grip Adept Icarus Grip.jpg Improves accuracy while airborne; Slightly increases weapon range
+15 Airborne Effectiveness, +5 Handling
Season 13 No
Sweaty Confetti Sweaty Confetti.jpg Causes a festive celebration on each precision final blow. This cosmetic mod is consumed when inserted into a weapon. Season 15 Yes

Armor mods[edit]

Armor mods are those that can be slotted onto any piece of armor released or re-released during or after the Shadowkeep expansion. They have a multitude of effects and requirements, and a maximum of 5 can be slotted onto an armor piece at a time. There are also seasonal Artifact mods, that are unlocked via the seasonal artifact and expire at the end of the current season. A full list of armor mods can be found below:

Name Icon Description Armor type