Wrathborn Hunts

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Wrathborn Hunts were a seasonal activity released alongside Season of the Hunt and the Beyond Light expansion. It follows The Guardian, Crow, Spider, and Osiris curbing the influence of Xivu Arath, God of War by eliminating the Wrathborn, a collection of Hive, Fallen, and Cabal corrupted to serve the God of War.


Following the events of Season of Arrivals, the arrival of The Black Fleet and the subsequent disappearance of Savathûn, the Witch Queen, Xivu Arath makes a play to establish a foothold within the Sol System. In order to do so, her envoy, the High Celebrant, plants Cryptoliths across the system and begins corrupting other races and adding them to Xivu Arath's army as the Wrathborn. The Guardian is tasked to cooperate with Crow and the Spider in order to eliminate these Wrathborn and clear the threat from the system.


All Wrathborn Hunts begin in public space and begin once a player approaches a Cryptolith and plants a Cryptolith Lure into the ground. A large Wrathborn enemy will spawn in with groups of smaller enemies spawning alongside a major enemy that is glowing green nearby. Killing the glowing green enemy will drop a green pool which when stepped in will grant the Wrathful buff, greatly increasing damage against the Wrathborn. Once the large enemy's health is low, it will retreat and leave an intractable green orb hovering on the ground. Once interacted with, the player will begin to track the wounded Wrathborn, following the green trail until they find a small node which will prompt the player to continue the hunt.

Interacting with the node will transport the player into another play space, with the player having to fight their way past enemies to another Cryptolith. Planting another lure will cause the wounded Wrathborn to reappear and the player is then allowed to kill them. Killing this Wrathborn will the summon a larger Wrathborn. The larger Wrathborn will have a shield that blocks damage unless the shield is broken by a player with Wrathful. The method to obtain Wrathful is the same as the previous section, with a glowing green major spawning in that drops a green pool when killed. The large Wrathborn will occasionally teleport away to avoid damage.

Once the Wrathborn is defeated, it will explode in a burst of loot, dropping materials, armor, or guns depending on how the player configured their lure.


Below is a table of all possible loot from Wrathborn Hunts