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"Pleasure and delight await you."
— In-game description
The foyer of the Menagerie.

The Menagerie is a location within the Leviathan. It is unlocked after acquiring the Chalice of Opulence from Benedict 99-40 in the Tower and completing the following questline. Calus describes it as the oldest deck in the Leviathan, and it was his home in exile. It now serves as an enclosure to all the different species Calus collected amidst his journeys, including the Hive, Vex, and Arkborn, and pits them against the Guardians invited aboard for their pleasure and glory as well as his own entertainment.


The goal of the Menagerie is to accumulate enough points to arrive at the boss. To do so, players must complete various objectives within the varying encounters. When players do well within an encounter, Calus will demand that the Guardians must fight better opponents, where higher power leveled enemies will spawn. There is no darkness zone in the normal variant of the Menagerie, however, the respawn time is increased, players will have to pick each other up if one dies to progress more through the encounters. On heroic, however, there will be a darkness zone for every encounter, and a wipe will result in the team being sent to orbit. There exists 3 rotating boss fights (Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus, Arunak, Beloved by Calus, and Pagouri, Beloved by Calus and 7 total encounters to run through. The encounters include:

The Lamplighting[edit]

The very first encounter of the Menagerie, the team arrives here to initiate themselves into the challenge of Calus. The goal is to light the 6 lamps within the room. To do so, players must kill enemies within the chamber to draw out a Lamplighter enemy. Once killed, they will drop 2 charges which are to be placed in predetermined lamps. There is 30 seconds on the charge, so it is wise to quickly place these charges in their respective lamps before reengaging the various adds. The encounter ends once all 6 lamps are lit, to where the doors to the rest of the Menagerie will open.

The Arkborn[edit]

To complete this encounter, the Guardians must run through pillars of sickly green energy, presumably the Arkborn themselves, to collect them (with a maximum of three at a time) as a time limited buff and take them to several drop off points that must be filled by 9 total (3 with a full collection of souls). Note, if you let the timer run down while carrying the energy the Guardian dies of ventricular fibrillation, which is a life-threatening heart rhythm that results in a rapid, inadequate heartbeat. Once all containment cores in the area are filled, a Boss will spawn, either a Treasured Ogre, a pair of Sky-Eater Wizards, or both in the final part. The bosses must be killed in order to gather points and progress through the encounter or end it.

The Mockery[edit]

The Mockery is an imitation of the Blind Well from the Dreaming City. Unlike the Well, the safe zones shrink over time, and must be revitalised with the balls that are dropped by the Hive Wizards. Depending on remaining havens, occasionally, a Treasured Ogre or 2 will spawn to support the besieging Hive. They must be killed to gather points and remove a dangerous enemy from the field. The encounter ends with either all havens faltering, time running out, or the point requirement being reaching.

The Crystals[edit]

To complete this encounter, the Guardians must eliminate Vex Harpies, which drop void 'heads' similar to the ones found in the Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid. Taking the heads in hand, the Guardians must then unleash their power on several purple crystals around the room. Note, each head has enough energy in it for one crystal, plus an unknown amount for another, estimated to be 75%, however, a second crystal can be destroyed if the cranium's ammo is conserved and is carefully used to chip health away from the crystals; crystals are also destroyed quicker with Void Singe. Once all crystals are destroyed here, a Councilor's Vex spawns. They are to be quickly neutralized in order to either summon new crystals or end the encounter.

The Gauntlet[edit]

To complete this encounter, players must first kill the Vex boss at the middle and then go through a series of jumping puzzles similar to 'runners' part of the Gauntlet encounter of the Leviathan Raid. This must be repeated two more times to fully finish this encounter. Note, if a Guardian commits suicide with a grenade launcher while crossing the finish line, it will count for several completions of the race, allowing for quicker completion. After a completion, more resilient ads spawn with the new boss, and flame jets are activated in the Gauntlet, which quickly sunders a player's health until death. The encounter ends with either time running out or the completion of the 3rd run.

The Hunted[edit]

To complete this encounter, the Guardians must stand on the indicated Hive plates, similar to the ones found in Witch's Ritual Public Events while fighting off waves of Thrall and later Acolytes, as well as occasional Revenant Cursed Thrall. Once a plate completes, a Treasured Knight will be summoned, who the Guardians must slay. When the Guardians begin defending the middle plate, a Boomer wielding Treasured Knight spawns, who is to be killed. The encounter ends with either time running out or enough points are acquired from the plates or Knights.

The Riposte[edit]

To complete this encounter, the Guardians must fight off waves of Hive while others search for a Cherished Darkblade. Once slain, the knights drop their Cleavers, which must be used to strip the white immunity shields from Tamed Knights, Tamed Ogres, and, finally, a Treasured Ogre. Guardians also should beware of a Shrieker which occasionally spawns in the center of the arena, which can quickly kill a Guardian.

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