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A Hollow Coronation



Destiny 2


Season of the Chosen



Recommended Power Level:

1800 (Normal)
1830 (Master)


The Glykon, Space


• Explore the Glykon.
• Defeat the Locus of Communion.

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"Jump coordinates matching an errant distress signal."
— Mission description
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Presage (also known as Exotic Quest: Presage) is an Exotic Mission introduced in Season of the Chosen and can be accessed on the Tangled Shore. The activity can be unlocked by retrieving an Intercepted Distress Signal at the beginning of The Arms Dealer strike. Once acquired, go to the Tower and speak to Zavala who will give you a quest titled The Voice on the Other Side. Completion of this activity on Normal difficulty rewards the Guardian with the Dead Man's Tale Exotic scout rifle; whereas completion on Master difficulty yields the Dead Man's Tale Catalyst.

As of Season of the Witch's release, the mission is currently part of the Exotic Mission rotator.[1]


The activity takes place aboard the derelict Cabal carrier, the Glykon Volatus; drifting on the periphery of the anomaly left as a result of Mars' disappearance from the Sol System. The Guardian is tasked by Zavala to respond to the distress signal recovered in the EDZ and rescue Katabasis aboard the ship in exchange for his rifle. Osiris accompanies the Guardian on their outing, with Caiatl lending her assistance as she searches for the whereabouts of Emperor Calus.[2]

Fluorescent spores and Egregore fauna infest the interior of the ship, with the remains of Cabal Legionaries and Scorn Stalkers scattered throughout the various areas. The Glykon Volatus has been overrun with Corrupted Scorn and are being led by the Locus of Communion, the mutated result of Calus' attempts at communing with the Darkness through the Crown of Sorrow. The team heard numerous voices of the dead several times while navigating through the ship such as Sagira, Cayde-6, and Uldren Sov. Upon reaching the boiler room, the Guardian successfully defeated the Locus of Communion and traversed through further vents to reach the bridge of the ship. Once there, the team discovered that Katabasis had died and his corpse was strung up by the Egregore, slowly siphoning the Light from his body; his rifle was lain on the ground next to the fauna.

After numerous expeditions to the ship and uncovering each of the smuggling compartments revealed by the Captain's Log pieces, the team discovered the Crown of Sorrow underneath the bridge of the ship. Osiris noted that the Crown was 'listening' and had been altered from its original design of possessing the wearer to assimilating two entities together. He also wished to recover this and return it to the Tower for further inspection, but Caiatl strongly objected.[2]

Master difficulty[edit]

The Guardian must navigate through the Glykon and successfully complete the mission in 25 minutes. The Contest modifier is active, meaning that you are under-levelled against enemies. Contrary to what is stated on the activity screen, Master difficulty does not include any Champions to fight. Completing the activity on this difficulty rewards the Dead Man's Tale catalyst.

Glykon clues[edit]

There are a total of 15 clues aboard the ship and finding all of them rewards you with the Shell of Gilgamesh Exotic Ghost shell. Each set must be completed in order to gain access to the next week's set of clues. A triumph is rewarded for each week's completion.

Week one[edit]

There are 5 clues available this week for the Figments of an Answer triumph.

  1. The Cabal strung up by the Egregore, directly in front of the first spore barrier you encounter.
  2. The Scorn crown to the right of the entrance to the second spore barrier.
  3. The ship at ground level in the hangar, inside the combat area at the far back.
  4. The Dark Ether canisters, inside the room after the second electric barrier.
  5. The hologram of Calus. After defeating the Locus of Communion and dropping down the vent, turn around and jump over the box.

Week two[edit]

There are 6 clues available this week for the Another Link in the Chain triumph.

  1. The datapad on the wall in the vent, after the first spore barrier.
  2. The destroyed Scorpius turret, in the middle section of the area with the two giant electric walls.
  3. The burned jetpack from an Incendior, in the second hangar area underneath the Thresher.
  4. The dead Scorn captain, in the room immediately after the hangar.
  5. The Ghost shell of Gilgamesh, in the jumping puzzle room before the boss fight on the right side.
  6. The chalice of opulence, in the final area of the room underneath the walkway.

Week three[edit]

There are 4 clues available this week for the All the Scattered Pieces triumph.

  1. The Frame located at the control panel, in the first electric wall area.
  2. The antenna on the outside of the ship, immediately after the first hangar area.
  3. The yellow datapad, in the second hangar area near the entrance.
  4. The Cabal regalia, at the rally flag before the boss fight.

Smuggling compartments[edit]

There are a total of 12 smuggling compartments throughout the ship which contain a chest giving a small amount of loot, as well as advancing your Dead Man's Tale catalyst faster. New smuggling compartments are unlocked by picking up the Captain's Log lore pieces when completing the mission. To access these smuggling compartments, you will need to interact with the nearby datapad which corresponds to the relative area the compartment should be. Finding all of the smuggling compartments will reward the Tucked Away triumph.

  • The breakable panel on the left, immediately after entering the ship.
  • The middle of the walkway with the door on the floor, just before dropping down to the entrance of the ship.
  • Inside the first room with the Egregore, on the right of the room.
  • The room with the second Screeb encounter, after passing through the second Egregore barrier.
  • The room to the left on the second floor, generally in the same area as the previous datapad.
  • Inside the escape vent, once the three fuses have been destroyed in the trash compactor room.
  • After the first encounter, the closed room on the left.
  • At the back of the first hangar area, near the closed door and the docked ship.
  • At the back of the second hangar area, behind the Thresher.
  • In the first room after the second hangar area, turn right to see the datapad and the door.
  • Inside the maze, turn around to face the opposite direction from the spores. At the first intersection, turn right and continue down the way.
  • Inside the final room, behind Katabasis' body at the front of the ship.


The fireteam lands on Glykon's entrance.

  • OSIRIS: Several months ago, a Cabal vessel bearing the name "Glykon" disappeared near the Reef. This ship matches its description and heading. So far, our hails have gone unanswered, and the distress signal continues to loop. You're clear for live-fire engagements. Board it, and find our missing Guardian.

The fireteam boards the ship through the open vent on the hull of the ship and crawls through the ventilation systems.

  • OSIRIS:There's a distortion in the field- no, frequencies... like ripples meeting in conversation. Executing trace. Stand by.
  • OSIRIS: I've sourced the distortion. There's an open patch to the ship's computer. Perhaps courtesy of our lost friend.

Arriving on the other side of the Glykon's entrance door, the fireteam notices the strange spores blocking the path forward. Shooting the spores grants passage onward.

  • OSIRIS: Those spores are harmonizing with a nearby concentration of Darkness.
  • OSIRIS: There is no Light here.

The fireteam passes through the spores and a room filled with strange growths and corpses of Cabal soldiers and Scorn and into the small hatch tunnel.

  • OSIRIS: The Glykon's navigation system marks their destination as an anomaly... left in the wake of Mars's disappearance.

The team journeys deeper into the ship, noticing the electric field blocking the direct path forward. The team circles around, encountering multiple Scorn and more spores on the way.

  • OSIRIS: Guardian, you're not the only life sign aboard. I see at least one other. It may be our missing friend... it may not.
  • OSIRIS: I've found the journal of Calus's scribe, Amsot. Translation as follows: "Today, Calus graced the Glykon with his presence and gazed upon the anomaly. His councilors prepare the exhibition chamber with gold from the Castellum. They are confident the crown is ready. The end will lay eyes upon him, and weep at his magnificence."

The fireteam falls down to an active trash compactor of the ship, but manages to disable it before being crushed to death, venturing further through an unlocked hatch on the compactor floor.

  • OSIRIS: This ship's passageways no longer connect as they should.

The team enters a locked room, and encounters a large Scorn ravager trying to smash through the door. The Scorn teleports away while sending minions in an attempt to eliminate the team.

  • OSIRIS Movement- in the dark!

The fireteam survives the assault.

  • OSIRIS: Guardian, I've pieced together another of Amsot's records. It reads: "A tragedy of silence. He tore the wilting failures apart himself. The connection is strong but the Darkness does not speak through them. An ocean without wind. Even the Lightbearer could not coax it to awaken."

The team arrives to Glykon's hangar and battles through another, bigger horde of Scorn.

  • OSIRIS: Hangar systems are intact... Why didn't they try to run?

The team continues on from the hangar, experiencing voices from deceased friends or foes as they push forward through, disabling electric fields and unlocking the path forward.

  • OSIRIS: Amsot kept notes on experiments as well. It seems that Scorn exposed to the anomaly all suffered contiguous neuron death. It consumed their minds. All but one, who "spoke with many dead voices." This survivor would become the centerpiece of their studies.

The team eventually arrives at the boilers of the ship, where they encounter the same Scorn, now dubbed Locus of Communion, which attempts to kill them personally this time.

  • OSIRIS: Put this decrepit creature to rest.

After a lengthy battle, the team manages to defeat the Locus and unlock the vent hatch to the command bridge of the ship.

  • OSIRIS: Guardian. This anomaly left in Mars's wake... I have seen it and others like it. In place of each world the Darkness stole. At the edge of our heliopause. Calus meant to commune with the Darkness.

On the bridge, they find the dangling corpse of the Guardian they were searching for and his weapon, Dead Man's Tale, propped up on the ground below him.

  • OSIRIS: Faint traces of Light. That thing...was a Guardian. We're too late- far too late. Take the rifle. It was offered, was it not? Better in your hands than left for another. I'll speak to Zavala about authorizing exploratory outings. If we can recover our lost friend's Ghost, we may learn more of how he died. Return to the City. We must assess our findings.

The team grabs the rifle and the mission ends.


As part of the Exotic Mission rotator introduced in Season of the Witch, Presage now can drop the following weapons and armor on completion.


  • Despite the mission previously being accessed through the Tangled Shore on the Director, the animation that displays your ship dropping into orbit has a unique background.
    • This likely has to do with the fact that Presage takes place on the Glykon, not on the Tangled Shore.
  • The description of the Master version mentioned the presence of Champions, but none appeared in the mission, as the Scorn had yet to receive theirs.

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