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Coup de Grâce
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Destiny 2


Season of the Hunt



Recommended Power Level:



Rheasilvia, The Dreaming City
Harbinger's Seclude, The Dreaming City


• Enter Harbinger's Seclude
• Locate the Cryptolith
• Deploy the Lure
• Engage the High Celebrant
• Destroy the Residual Energy
• Find the Tear in the Ascendant Plane
• Track the High Celebrant
• Engage the High Celebrant
• Destroy the Residual Energy
• Find the Tear in the Ascendant Plane
• Track the High Celebrant
• Engage the High Celebrant
• Defeat the Wrathborn Ogre
• Deploy the Lure
• Reach the Portal to the Ascendant Plane
• Explore the Ascendant Plane
• Defeat the High Celebrant
• Execute the High Celebrant

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"Hunt the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath into the Dreaming City."
— Mission description

Coup de Grâce was the final Story Mission of Season of the Hunt, and the conclusion to the overarching seasonal narrative. It took place within the Harbinger's Seclude in the Dreaming City.[1]


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(Mission Begins)

  • Osiris: Remember: the Celebrant must be killed in the Ascendant Plane. Destroy it, and you'll deal Xivu Arath a crippling blow.
  • Ghost: Right. No Celebrant, no cryptoliths. No cryptoliths, no Wrathborn. Let's see her fight us without an army. Crow, are you there?
  • The Crow: Somewhat. I tracked the Celebrant through a portal into swirling darkness.
  • Glint: A gateway to the Ascendant Plane.
  • The Crow: As I said: swirling darkness. I'm learning its tricks now, studying how it moves through these realms. It's like a shark cutting through black water.
  • Ghost: Keep an eye on it.
  • The Crow: I can do more than that.

The Guardian reaches the Harbinger's Seclude and deploys the Lure at the Cryptolith.

  • The Crow: Ha! Tagged it! It's bleeding energy and on its way back to you.

The Guardian engages the High Celebrant before it retreats back into the Ascendant Plane.

  • Ghost: It fled back into the Ascendant Plane. But it left something behind.
  • The Crow: Told you I tagged it. That's residual energy. A blood trail. Destroy it, and the essences in your lure should reopen the portal.

The Guardian destroys the residual energy and enters the portal to the Ascendant Plane.

  • Osiris: The Celebrant seeks to bring more territory under Xivu Arath's control. Be quick. She will not be pleased with trespassers...

The Guardian destroys the residual energy and exits back into the Harbinger's Seclude.

  • Ghost: We made it through the portal back to the Dreaming City. No sign of the Celebrant. Crow, where are you?
  • The Crow: At your coordinates, walking the other side of the same coin. The way I see it, as long as we're in both planes, it has nowhere to hide.

The High Celebrant reemerges in the Seclude.

  • Ghost: Celebrant sighted!
  • The Crow: Do your thing.

The Guardian fires at the Celebrant to little affect.

  • Ghost: This isn't working. We can't truly damage the Celebrant with out reclaimed Light!
  • The Crow: Hold tight. I'm on it!

A group of Wrathborn Fallen teleport in.

  • Glint: We've flushed them out of the Ascendant Plane and into the open.
  • The Crow: I just shot them until they ran, but I like the way you put it better.

The Celebrant once again retreats into the Ascendant Plane. The Guardian destoys the residual energy and goes through the portal to follow it.

  • Osiris: To think, you can enter this plane using nothing but dead essences...

The Guardian destroys the residual energy and exits back into the Harbinger's Seclude.

  • Osiris: Xivu Arath strikes where Savathûn first pushed through the veil and entered the Dreaming City. Has she no ambition of her own.

The High Celebrant reappears. The Guardian gives chase before it escapes back into the Ascendant Plane, and a giant, Hive Wrathborn Ogre arrives.

  • Ghost: It's stopped bleeding energy. We can't get through.
  • Glint: I think the Celebrant realized we marked it. It sealed the portal behind itself.
  • The Crow: We're trapped in here?

The Guardian defeats the Hive Wrathborn.

  • Osiris: If you're companions are trapped in the Ascendant Plane with the Celebrant... then they are already lost. Like Sagira.
  • Ghost: The portal closed, but maybe there's enough Hive magic left in the lure to activate some other way through.

The Guardian deploys the Lure, revealing platforms leading to an Ascendant portal.

  • The Crow: I hope you can here this. The Celebrant turned it around on us — the hunter becomes the hunted. I wanted to... Listen, if things get ugly for us in here, just know it's not your fault. Everything I did, I did because I wanted to. Thank you. For letting me have a choice.

The Guardian reaches the portal and heads through to the Ascendant Plane.

  • Ghost: Crow, we're in the Ascendant Plane! Do you read us?
  • The Crow: Nothing in here I can't handle.
  • Glint: What are you talking about? The Celebrant broke your legs and threw you into an abyss!
  • The Crow: Nothing I can't handle. The High Celebrant's just up ahead, and I think I have a plan...

The Guardian arrives at the keep.

  • Ghost: For Sagira.

The High Celebrant arrives and attacks the Guardian.

  • The Crow: Are you keeping it busy? I'm nearly at the portal where you came in.
  • Ghost: You're leaving?
  • The Crow: Like Osiris said, the Celebrant must die in the Ascendant Plane, and you're our best shot at making that happen.

The Guardian deals significant damage to the Celebrant before it summons an immunity shield.

  • Osiris: He's leaving.
  • Ghost: Energy readings are spiking. It's going to create another portal.
  • The Crow: I'm in position on the other side. You're smoking it out, Guardian, but if I block off the exit — it burns. I survived by watching the world around me and learning from my light. I've studied how that thing creates those portals. This time, I'll be ready.

The High Celebrant detains the Guardian and prepares to leave.

  • Ghost: Crow! The portal!
  • The Crow: I see it.

The Crow destroys the portal, staggering the Celebrant.

  • The Crow: Now, Finish it!

The Guardian executes the High Celebrant.

  • Osiris: The High Celebrant of Xivu Arath is no more. How did you manage that?
  • Ghost: Crow destroyed its portal from the other side when it tried to escape. I knew he wouldn't really leave us.
  • The Crow: No, never. Oh, bring it's head, would you? Spider will want proof when you come to collect. It's been an honor, Guardian.

(Mission Ends)


Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde
Fallen - Wrathborn

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