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Rising Resistance


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Help Variks set up a communication network.

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Rising Resistance is the third mission of the Beyond Light Campaign and the forty-first Story mission of Destiny 2. Realizing that Europa is no longer safe for his people, Variks asks The Guardian to establish a communication network.


  • Activate Secret Comms Network



Variks: "Europa is no longer the haven I hoped it would be. For those who do not wish to live under the rule of a Dark Kell, we must play savior. A secret communications network would allow us to reach out."

Ghost: "Variks. We're ready. Where is the first relay?"

Variks: "Variks thanks you"

The Guardian makes their way to the first comm relay and brings it online.

Ghost: "Power's going, Variks."

Variks: "Good. Two more. [insect-like chattering]"

The Guardian makes their way to the second comm relay and brings it online.

Ghost: "Okay, Variks, that's two -"

The Guardian begins to hear whispers and their vision darkens.

Ghost: "Did you - hear that? Sounded like voices."

Variks: "What? Who?"

Ghost: "The ones who spoke through me."

Variks: "We must hurry then. There's one more relay."

The Guardian makes their way to the third comm relay. As Ghost is working on the relay, a Crux of Darkness materializes before them.

Ghost: "Oh no. It's them. They're here."

The Guardian begins to hear whispers again.

Ghost: "They're… beckoning us."

The Guardian communes with the Crux and it materializes further away.

Darkness (through Ghost): "We beckoned. You answered. We've kept you waiting long enough. Come to us; salvation awaits.

The Guardian follows the Crux.

Darkness (through Ghost): "The Light believes you thankless. Nothing more than a soldier asked again and again to do its bidding. So we want to thank you. With a gift. To help you finally take control."

The Guardian travels through a small canyon, at the opening, a Crux floating atop a hill.


A construction of the Europan Pyramid flies toward the hill, transforming into an entirely new structure.

Fallen forces are advancing on the structure and Eris Morn appears over a nearby ridge. The Fallen Captain roars and the other Fallen start to rush for Eris. She jumps down to meet them and the Drifter throws a glacier grenade, erecting a wall of ice. Eris braces herself against the wall and her rock turns into a ball of Stasis, using it to take down several Fallen. A dreg tackles the Drifter but he pulls out a Dire Promise and kills the dreg.

On the far side of the skirmish, the Exo Stranger joins the fight, taking down several Fallen, disappearing afterward.

The Fallen Captain scans the battlefield and sees the Drifter reloading. He raises his Shock Blade in attack but is stopped by Eris. Undeterred, he swings with his other blade, digging it into a wall. The Drifter fires off the three shots and kills the Captain.

The Exo Stranger reappears and throws a coldsnap grenade, freezing the remaining Fallen. Slamming her fist into the ground, she releases an exploding energy, shattering the frozen.

The Drifter and Eris regroup on the Exo Stranger.

Exo Stranger: "And here comes our Guardian. Right on time."

{Mission ends}


Fallen - House of Salvation


  • Combat is almost absolutely absent in this mission, with the only fighting taking place in the cutscene.
  • Aside from Super energy, no other abilities charge throughout the mission.
  • At the end of the canyon, instead of dropping down, look to the left and the group of Fallen from the cutscene can be spotted.