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Operation: Midas



Destiny 2


Season of the Lost




• Font of Starlight, The Dreaming City
Ley Lines, Pallas, The Dreaming City
• Spire Traverse, The Dreaming City
• Ritual Spire, The Dreaming City


• Charge the Compass
• Insert the Compass
• Align the Beacons
• Enter the Ley Line Teleporter
• Reach the Spire
• Reinforce the Corsairs
• Join Queen Mara's ritual
• Speak with Mara
• Repel Xivu Arath's Forces
• Defeat Kelgorath, Risen from Bones One Final Time
• Destroy the Dark Mass

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"Fight your way to the Spire of Exorcism and defend Mara Sov as she extracts the Witch Queen's worm. Repel Xivu Arath's ferocious attempts to invade the Dreaming City and interrupt the ritual."
— Mission description

Exorcism is the final Story mission of Season of the Lost, and the conclusion to the overarching seasonal narrative.[1]


The final mission of Season of the Lost begins similarly to Astral Alignment. Players will spawn in the Font of Starlight, but upon inserting the Wayfinder's Compass at the Blind Well, hordes of Hive enemies will spawn into the area. Petra will instruct players to align the three Ley Line beacons. Once the beacons are aligned, the fireteam will be teleported to another part of the Dreaming City. You will have to cut through hordes of Hive and defend the Corsairs from the attackers. After fending off several waves of enemies, the entrance to the Spire will open, where Savathun, Mara Sov, Saint-14, and three Techeuns are present.

The Techeuns will begin the exorcism, and Saint will summon a Ward of Dawn to shield Mara. Standing inside the Ward will grant players the 'Weapons of Light' and 'Armor of Light' buffs. A large Taken Blight will appear at the far side of the arena, and Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath and Kruutiks, Reefbane will both spawn on the platforms next to it. Kruutiks will be the first to engage the fireteam, alongside Hive reinforcements, and Kholks will join later on in the fight. Once they have both been defeated, Kelgorath, Risen from Bones will appear from the Blight and attack the players. Kelgorath will summon large masses of Taken energy that must be destroyed before they explode, which will result in a wipe. Once he has been killed, the mission will end and a cutscene will play.


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Exorcism enemies[edit]

Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde


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