High Ogre of Xivu Arath

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High Ogre of Xivu Arath
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The High Ogre of Xivu Arath is a powerful and decorated Hive Ogre who was sent by Xivu Arath, God of War to assault the ritual to remove Savathûn's Worm in the Exorcism Mission. It is encountered at the entrance to the Ritual Spire, where it attempts to overpower the defenders and breach the door, but it is killed by the Guardians.[1]


Once the fireteam reaches the entrance to the Ritual Spire, they will have to defend it from the many hordes of Xivu Arath's forces, who are bolstered by several Tombships. After fighting through wave after wave of attackers and Barrier Knights, the High Ogre will arrive to the battle alongside two Wizards of Xivu Arath. The Ogre will bombard its enemies bombard its enemies with a constant and highly accurate stream of Void energy projectiles, quickly breaking through the shield of its target and killing them if they cannot protect themselves from the blast. It can also slam the ground with its hands to cause severe damage to anyone who is caught in the radius of the attack, while also pushing them back away from it. However, boss is highly reliant on support from the surrounding Hive reinforcements, and on its own, it is highly vulnerable and doesn't take much to be killed. Once the God of War's servant has been put down along with the remaining attackers, the door to the Spire will open, and the fireteam may enter to observe the start of the exorcism.




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