Gee'yom, Resonant Saboteur

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Gee'yom, Resonant Saboteur
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Lucent Brood





Combat information


Resonant Destruction Public Event


VoidS.png Eye Blast
KineticS.png Cloud of Darkness
Summon Hive
High Durability
SolarS.png Melee
SolarS.png Burn


Gee'yom, Resonant Saboteur is a powerful Hive Ogre of the Lucent Brood who appears in the Florescent Canal area within Savathûn's Throne World, where they serve as the boss of the Resonant Destruction Public Event.[1]


Gee'yom is encountered at the end of the Resonant Destruction public event, specifically at the Florescent Canal. Once the Resonant Splinter passes through the second blockade, the Ogre will spawn at the altar, alongside large numbers of reinforcements to overwhelm the Guardians. Gee'yom will focus on a single player at a time, continuously firing at them with a stream of Void-based projectiles from their eyes, which will rapidly drain the target's health and kill them if they do not find cover or stagger the boss. If one gets to close to it, the Ogre will raise its foot and unleash a powerful stomp attack, which leaves behind a lingering pool of flames, dealing constant damage to those caught in its radius. They are also capable of casting clouds of poisonous smoke that cause damage over time and deny its enemies parts of the area. Despite all of this, Gee'yom does not have a particularly large amount of health and lacks any personal defensive abilities, mostly relying on its Hive allies to overwhelm attackers, and can be finished off quickly with enough force, so long as one is careful of the surrounding enemies. Once the boss has been killed and the Splinter detonated, players who participated in the event may claim loot from the chest that spawns at the altar.