Xirash, Keeper of Memory

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Xirash, Keeper of Memory
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Memories of Loss
Altar of Reflection: Choice




Summon Hive
High Durability
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Acolyte Grenade
Fist of Darkness
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Xirash, Keeper of Memory is a large and powerful Hive Knight of the Lucent Brood, charged with protecting the Altar of Reflection. They are encountered as the final boss of the Missions Memories of Loss[1] and Altar of Reflection: Choice.[2]


After completing the two puzzles in the first area of the Altar of Reflection, you will make your way to the main hall where Xirash appears, who is reinforced by large numbers of Hive Thrall and Acolytes, as well as a Lucent Archivist Wizard. The Knight wields a Boomer into battle, firing powerful Arc blasts that can travel long distances at their enemies. They are capable of creating large, lingering pools of fire by slamming the ground with their fist if the player gets too close, causing your health to drain rapidly from the increased Solar damage whilst also launching you back away from them. They also have the ability to summon and throw Acolyte Grenades which explode on impact, as well as leaving behind huge amounts of flames, forcing you to avoid the areas where they land until they dissipate.

If they enter Berserk Mode, Xirash will charge at the player, attempting to smash them with their Boomer, and will not stop until you have been hit. After the Knight's sustains significant damage, more Hive reinforcements will arrive to help repel the intruder. Despite all of this, Xirash has very few defensive capabilities, and can be easily dispatched so long as the player keeps a reasonable distance and avoids the boss's flaming pools. After you have successfully defeated the Knight and the rest of their Hive allies, you will gain access to the Altar room itself, where you can present an object to view a memory or message from Savathûn, the Witch Queen.


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