Memories of Loss

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The Last Chance


The Ritual

Memories of Loss


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Reveal the Memory of the Crystal

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Memories of Loss is the ninth mission of The Witch Queen expansion. [1]


  • Puzzle: Rune Patterns
  • Defeat the Lucent Archivists
  • Memory


Ghost: I've read some of Ikora's notes on the Darkness and the Light, Guardian. She thinks the Darkness is closely linked with memory.

Ghost: You accessed this place with a Darkness power. What exactly have we tapped into here?

The Guardian Completes the Runes. Shooting the Runes different from the others
The entrance opens. The Guardians enters
The Guardian defeats Hive
Xirash, Keeper of Memory and Lucent Archivist appear
The Guardian defeats Xirash, Lucent Archivist, and the Hive
The entrance to the Altar opens. The Guardians reveals the Memory

(Cutscene Begins)

Savathûn walking on the top of a cliff close the Last City
Savathûn rips the crystal shard out the crystal shard impaling her

Savathûn: I saw the end before it happened.

Savathûn tosses the crystal

Savathûn: My own death.

Flashback to Mara removing Savathûn's Worm

Savathûn: Brought on by the separation from my power.

Flashback ends.

Savathûn: And in these final moments,

Savathûn: I look to the Sky.

Savathûn falls to her knees on the edge of the cliff
First-person view of Savathûn

Savathûn: Hello, old friend.

Savathûn: I've chased you for a long time.

Savathûn: First as an enemy,

Savathûn: then as a collector,

Savathûn: and finally, now…

Third-person view of Savathûn

Savathûn: a supplicant.

First-person view of Savathûn

Savathûn: What is it the Guardians say?

Savathûn: "Devotion inspires bravery."

Savathûn: "Bravery inspires sacrifice."

Savathûn: "And sacrifice…"

Savathûn: [coughs]

Savathûn: [grunts, coughs]

Savathûn: Here we are.

Third-person view of Savathûn

Savathûn: [grunts, coughs]

Savathûn: Wouldn't it be clever of you…

First-person view of Savathûn

Savathûn: if after everything,

Savathûn: you simply let me die?

Savathûn: Oh, what a trick.

Savathûn: Elegant.

Savathûn: [laboured gasps]

Savathûn: Is that it?

Savathûn collapses to the ground

Savathûn: [gasps]

Savathûn dies

Savathûn: If there is an answer,

Savathûn: I don't here it.

Screen turns black
Overview of Savathûn's body

Savathûn: Because now the world

Savathûn: begins to fade…

Screen turns black
Immaru flies over and begins to resurrect Savathûn

(Memory Ends)

Savathûn appears

Savathûn: Incredible that I could forget something like that, isn't it? Such a storied life… erased.

Savathûn: The Light offers us a fresh start. But if we don't know where we came from, how will we know where to go?

Savathûn: I'm so grateful to you for reminding me. For telling my story.

Guardian: Wait… what is she talking about?

Ghost: She remembers. We helped her remember!

Savathûn: Thanks for the memories, Guardian.

Savathûn begins to summon Arc Light

Ghost: We have to leave!

The Guardian and Ghost jump through a portal

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Memories of Loss}


Hive - Lucent Brood


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