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The Caretaker
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The Caretaker is a massive Scorn Abomination residing within the Sunken Pyramid in Savathûn's Throne World. Empowered by Darkness-based technology from the Sunken Pyramid, it was originally stationed within the Pyramid, presumably to look after the artifacts and statues contained within, before it was slain by a Guardian Raid Fireteam who entered the vessel.


Not much is known about the Caretaker, such as its origin or true purpose. The only available information is from an Evidence Board entry, speculation from a member of the Hidden, who posited that the Caretaker was the successful result of a fusion between the Scorn and a worm larva.[1] As it is deceased, along with Rhulk, not much more knowledge can be obtained about it.

The only encounter that the Guardians had with the Caretaker was in the Collection section of the Sunken Pyramid. The Caretaker is initially found at the top of a set of stairs, performing a ritual on a segment of the marble-like substance found throughout Pyramid-adjacent Throne World locations. When Guardians get into close proximity, the Caretaker looks over its shoulder to inspect the invaders, but quickly returns to its ritual. During this, it is completely immune to all interference, even passively damaging Guardians that get within extreme proximity to it and its ritual through an aura of malevolent energy.

Once disturbed from its ritual by Guardians interacting with shard-like switches, the Caretaker shows the ability to teleport and begins vigorously defending the area it is confined within.

Once dead, the Caretaker keels over, and from its back begins sprouting the same tree-like branch systems that Rhulk exhibits upon death. The reason behind this is currently unknown.


The Caretaker is a typical boss encounter in Destiny, wherein they are invincible until specific conditions are met to allow damage to occur. Its health is gated into 4 segments, with the 4th being much smaller than the other 3, intended as a final stand. Combat against it is spread between 4 different floors of the Collection area, with The Caretaker teleporting to the next once enough damage has been sustained, or enough time has passed from damage being possible. Damage is inflicted through the Resonant Breakthrough buff that is granted to Guardians while they stand on a lit-up plate, which surround the obelisks of Collection, and stand in a row on the final floor.

The Caretaker exhibits the ability to fire bolts of ether, much like a regular Abomination, though these are infused with what appears to be the same Darkness energy that Rhulk utilises. It can also perform ground slams to knock back and damage any opponents that are close-by. There is also an automated defense system on its back, appearing like a small coffin. This constantly releases drone-like Pyramid Scales that course around the room, and will begin aggressively homing onto and damaging nearby targets, inflicting Pervading Darkess upon them, when an unspecified mechanism is triggered.

Throughout its encounter with the Guardians, its main objective appears to be to move towards the obelisk on each floor of Collection, so it can trigger a massive expulsion of energy from the obelisk to the surrounding area, killing all targets. It can only be stopped in its tracks by damaging its face, which then opens the small coffin-like object on its back, allowing Guardians to shoot the contents of it to temporarily stun The Caretaker. After recovering from this stun, The Caretaker will continue to plod towards the obelisk, its face becoming vulnerable again after a few seconds. To its discredit, the Caretaker will face and fixate on the Guardian standing closest to it, allowing for its face to be easily shot by this Guardian, and to allow positioning of its back for easy stuns for other members of the Fireteam.


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