Grisprax, Bosun of Avarokk

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Grisprax, Bosun of Avarokk
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Grasp of Avarice


ArcS.png Shock Rifle


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Invisibility Tech
KineticS.png Fallen Melee
Steal Cursed Engram


Grisprax, Bosun of Avarokk is a Fallen Marauder working for Captain Avarokk, the Covetous. They appear in the final encounter of the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, alongside their leader and R-M80, Loyal to Avarokk, where they are killed by the Guardians.[1]


When the battle begins, Grisprax will appear in battle alongside their leader Avarokk and R-M80 armed with a Shock Rifle. Grisprax behaves like any normal Marauder, roaming around the arena cloaked, firing a barrage of shock projectiles at Guardians. What makes this particular Fallen unique, however, is that if Grisprax is not killed prior to the activation of the engram drop, it will begin hopping around the arena, trying to collect as many Cursed Engrams as it can if they're left too long, making it more difficult to collect enough to trigger a damage phase. When killed, Grisprax will drop ten Cursed Engrams for the Guardians to collect and deposit at the Icon of Excess in the center of the arena (he will not drop additional engrams even if he collected some earlier in the fight). At the end of each damage phase, Avarokk will summon Grisprax and R-M80 if both were killed prior.


  • A Bosun (or Boatswain) is a nautical term referring to deck supervisor or fairly important officer responsible for a particular section of a ships equipment and crew.
  • Similar to their master (Avarokk), Grisprax's attire features symbiology similar to that on the cloak of Taniks, the Scarred. This may allude to the Marauder and their Captain having a connection to the House of Scar, of which Taniks is theorized to have been a member, and his cloak to be the banner of.
  • While their death is not necessary to complete the encounter, killing Grisprax gives the largest drop of Cursed Engrams seen from any singular enemy within Grasp of Avarice when killed, dropping 10 total upon death.

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