Belmon, Transcendent Mind

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Belmon, Transcendent Mind
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The Glassway


VoidS.png Aeon Maul


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
KineticS.png Temporal Shockwave
Rotating Shields
Shield Manipulation
Transcendent Hydra Bond
Void Escape


Belmon, Transcendent Mind is a Vex Hydra Axis Mind, and the main boss of the The Glassway Strike.


The Golden Age[edit]

Shortly before the Collapse, Clovis Bray I constructed a Vex portal known as the Glassway on Europa using a Vex stolen from the Ishtar Collective. This portal led to 2082 Volantis, a Vex-controlled blue hypergiant star system. While efforts to prevent Vex incursions into Europa were initially successful, the safeguards on the portal eventually failed, releasing an army of Vex led by Belmon.[1] The invasion was repelled by Exo forces stationed on Europa; Belmon was destroyed at the end of the battle by Clovis-43.[2]

The Glassway Reopens[edit]

Belmon, Transcendent Mind

When Eramis, Kell of Darkness activated the Glassway portal with the intent to unleash an invasion of Vex upon her enemies, Belmon emerged once more despite its destruction centuries before, accompanied by a Transcendent Hydra. The Guardian was ultimately successful in defeating Belmon and closing the Glassway; however, the portal reopened itself later, releasing Belmon yet again along with its Transcendent Hydra subordinates. Elisabeth Bray oversaw repeated strikes against Belmon each time it reemerged to ensure that it could not gather enough forces around itself to carry out a second full-scale invasion of Europa.[3]


After entering Belmon's lair, players will be prompted to the Fallen in the room. Shortly after, the large portal at the end of the room will activate and Belmon will spawn. It will also appear with a Transcendent Hydra, that although is much smaller than it, has a large health pool almost similar to Belmon itself. Belmon will attack the player with the standard Aeon Maul Hydra cannons while slowly trying to close distance on the players, also rotating it's three, albeit larger and orange colored Shields.

Belmon's lair contains two almost maze-like sections on the left and right of the entrance. Although Belmon will always stay out in the open, the unnamed Transcendent Hydra will not; instead, it will try to hide itself in the corridors of the lair. In the first phase, once either of them has taken enough damage, they will vanish, and will not begin to return until the other has also vanished. Once both Hydras have lost enough health, Phase 2 will begin, in which only the Transcendent Hydra will appear, along with Vex reinforcements consisting of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Harpies, Wyverns and Fanatics. Once all the enemies have been killed and the Hydra has taken enough damage, it will retreat and Belmon will spawn once more, along with more Vex reinforcements.

Phase 3 begins when Belmon has lost its second bar of health and will promptly retreat again. Finally Belmon and its Transcendent Hydra counterpart will return at the same time where they can both be killed. The boss fight ends only after both Belmon and the Transcendent Hydra are dead.

In the Nightfall: The Ordeal version of the strike when launched at the difficulty of Legend or higher, Belmon is able to manipulate the rotation of its shield and create a singular semicircle in front of him. Even though this shield only covers the front half of Belmon, it will be immune to all damage, including Anti-Barrier damage, from all angles until it reverts its shield back to the standard Hydra form.



  • Belmon's title, "Transcendent Mind", may refer to its ability to seemingly transcend its own death, as well as its ability to move between the material plane and its void.
  • Belmon's chassis strongly resembles that of Argos, Planetary Core, although differing in a number of details.
  • Belmon possesses an orange, rotating Hydra shield. The only other known Hydra to have one of this color is the Undying Mind.
  • Belmon is the second largest Hydra fought. The first being Argos.

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